3 Biz Lessons from Barcelona

If you’ve been following my Instagram stories you’ll know I’ve just got back from mini breaking in Barcelona where I met up with my friend Cara.

For context – Cara and I met back in 2014 when we were in a high-level mastermind together. Back then it was just a dream for us to be meeting up around the world!

A lot has changed since then – we both run successful businesses for one, that wasn’t the case back then!

As expected, we got to chatting about ‘stuff’ and it was a pretty fascinating conversation.

It started with what we were currently working on plus sharing our big goals for the future and then we took some time to look back to where we were when we first met.

OMG, that was fun!

Why do we always focus on what’s ahead, and the mountain still to climb when it’s so freakin powerful to look back at how far you have already come?!?

That’s the thing about goals and dreams, they keep evolving. I mean I’m the perfect example – my one big, out there dream was to travel the world whilst running a successful business.

So much has changed – not only have I achieved this, but I’m now in the process of achieving my next big dream – buying a home in Spain and having a base again!

Those dreams keep on growing and evolving just as we do – there is no final destination!

We never actually “arrive” and think woo hoo I made it because our mind has already moved on to the next desire!! #cheekymind

This is why it’s so important to look back and celebrate your achievements.

Whilst Cara and I enjoyed our Mojitos and celebrated how far we had already come we realised we had some juicy lessons that would also benefit you!

Here are the top 3 lessons that got us to where we are now….excuse the shaky video, Cara was trying out her new selfie stick and we just grabbed the moment (#ImperfectAction for the win!).

These 3 strategies have served us both very well.
More of a reader?

Lesson 1 – We knew we were in this for the long game.

Yes, we wanted it all right now, like yesterday – but we also knew that the only way through to the ‘other side’ was to keep taking small and consistent steps in the right direction.

That’s what we did – for months I had the same god damn goal! I just kept going knowing that eventually, I would achieve it, as long as I stayed focused on the long game.

Back then when all we had was the desire (and not the income) the only thing we could do was keep on keeping on. I think we are both glad we did now!

Lesson 2 – No Plan B.

Simple – If you have a Plan B, you don’t make Plan A work! If you don’t have a Plan B you will do everything you can to make Plan A work. So true. Neither of us ever even contemplated that we would go back to corporate – it wasn’t an option. We were going to make this work.

Yes, we have absolutely course-corrected along the way, our businesses have evolved with us, yet not having another option kept us focused and committed to making this dream a reality.

Lesson 3 – Masterminding!

The famous quote by Jim Rohn says it best:

“You are the sum of the 5 people you spend time with”

There is no doubt in my mind that I would not be where I am today if I had not invested in masterminds and coaches.

I surrounded myself with people who had big dreams, who understood me (seriously this is so powerful).

Surround yourself with people who get you! Masterminds and communities that will lift you up and inspire you to LIVE BIG.

We came up with so many more lessons but honestly wherever you are on your journey know that:

– having the mindset of being in it for the long game

– not having a Plan B

– surrounding yourself with like-minded go-getters

is the most amazing gift you can give yourself on the roller coaster of entrepreneurship!

What’s your top success strategy?

Love and still learning the lessons, Jo x

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