3 Tips for Sending Engaging Newsletters

So on one of my group mastermind calls recently one of the ladies confessed that she hadn’t actually emailed her list in months!

She has been showing up everywhere else to be fair – but it got me thinking.  How many people are avoiding nurturing their peeps because they don’t know what to say?

So I’ve recorded a short video with 3 tips to make communicating with your newsletter list easier.

Listen in here.

Tip 1 – Survey Your Audience

At least once a year I survey my community to find out what their biggest frustrations are.  This gives me so much amazing information and future content ideas. AND the best bit is I have it in their language, making it more likely to connect.  Ask your tribe what they need help with, they have all the information you need – you just have to ask them.  I can guarantee you content ideas for a whole year from this one exercise!

Tip 2 – Create some STRUCTURE or a SYSTEM for sending your newsletter

Those two dirty words systems and structure!

It could be committing to a certain day of the week that you will send your newsletter so you always know that a few days before your actions are to write it.  Or having a format that the newsletter is written for example a personal intro, followed by a top tip followed by a quote and then sign off.

If you know you have to find 52 quotes or tips (if you’re sending your newsletter weekly) it’s easier to batch that task ahead of time.  Save these in a Google Doc or Word Doc and then just go and grab which one feels right for that newsletter.

Having a system and knowing when you want to communicate with your list will take away decision – and having to make decisions is usually the point where we freeze, have no ideas and go off and do something else!

Remove as many decisions from your day as possible to increase your productivity!

Tip 3 – Be Real

Every time I send a newsletter where I really speak from the heart I always get replies like ‘Jo, you just became a real person to me today thank you for sharing that real thing’.  One of my core values for my business is to be authentically me (which gives me permission to be imperfect too!).

I also recommend that you write your newsletter as if you are speaking to ONE person.  Have that ideal, perfect client in mind and write directly to her.  It will make it seem really personable for the recipient.

So when will you be sending your next newsletter and does it feel a little easier now you have a few strategies?

Hope so!

Love Jo x

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