I love reading posts where others share their lessons and learnings from ‘doing business’.

Here’s what I’ve learned from 3+ years of launching different offerings:

Launch Tip No 1

A few years ago I did a launch for one of my programs and I didn’t get anywhere near my goal (which was massive and pretty unrealistic to be fair because I was hanging around people with much bigger audiences than me and getting caught up in comparison!).

That launch taught me one golden rule.

Reward your EFFORTS and not just your results.

Sometimes the results are out of our control, but if you show up daily for your people you get to celebrate that. It’s a big deal.

I make a deal with myself to stay high vibe.  I want to always get to the end of a launch and be able to look back and be proud of my efforts (no matter what the results).

I never want to get to the end of the launch and say “I wish I had….” (done more FB lives / sent more emails / etc etc).  Make a deal with yourself to show up no matter what and then reward your efforts.  It feels so good.

Launch Tip No 2

Get a support crew in place!

Yes, you are going to have mindset wobbles and doubts. It’s part of being in business, and launching will bring it ALL up. My mastermind girls (on opposite sides of the world to me) keep me sane via Whatsapp and FB voice messages and boy am I grateful to them!

Find your people. You’ll need them.

Also look after YOU. Have plans to get outside, eat well and not just sit at your desk for the whole week. I went out on many walks to shake up my energy and not once did I regret that decision.

Launch Tip No 3

Action is beyond powerful. Always

After a few months of being a bit sluggish in over-thinking mode (you can read my 2018 review post HERE for more on that!) I knew it was time to take some imperfect action and get out of my own way (again!).

This wasn’t my best-planned launch – I knew that and I also knew that if you put me in action mode I only ever reap the rewards and that’s exactly why I decided to just get imperfectly stuck in!

Action is ridiculously powerful.

It gives me confidence, clarity, I get re-connected to my thing, I get excited and passionate again and I remember why I love what I do. My tribe are the best at lifting me up and when I take action, they support me and I inspire them to do the same.

Don’t ever underestimate how powerful taking action is.

If you’re stuck – take some action, it will lead to clarity, confidence annd fabulous learnings.

Launch Tip No 4

A note about goals – not just launch goals but goals in general.

I didn’t hit my goal for my latest launch – yet what happened instead was way more powerful.

I got my mojo back. I got my passion and fire back and I finally trusted myself that I know what’s best for my audience.

I have a way better customer journey in place in my business nowadays which means that anyone who starts to work with me will get instant results. I’m excited about what that means.

After 3+ years of courses, I’m still teaching the same content (although imagine how much it’s been refined over that time!).

2019 is all about leading more people through that thoroughly tried and tested customer journey so that they are then ready for my LIVE BIG offerings of retreats and masterminds!

Setting goals is important, even if you don’t always reach them because what you learn in the process is what changes the game.

So yep – didn’t quite hit my goal DID get way more from the process. Always the way!

Lessons. Learnings. Confidence. Clarity.

ACTION we love you.

Not hitting your goals is ok, it’s who you become and what you get in the process of working towards those goals that actually makes the biggest difference.

Read that last sentence again it’s powerful!

And yes this business thing is hard at times!! I know that. You know that, yet we’re both still here holding on tight and secretly loving the adventure we’re on!

Big love

Jo x

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