6 Lessons from 7 Years in Business

6 Lessons from 7 Years in Business

From PA in London.

To Digital Nomad.

To homeowner in Spain: 7 years and 17 countries later.

EEK this month I’m celebrating 7 years in business – and it’s been quite the journey!!

I’ve been looking back at the steps I’ve taken and it’s been quite the roller coaster to get to where I am now.

Actually, I’ve just got back from a swim in the sea, which is within walking distance of my house (pinching myself again!), so where I am is feeling pretty good right now!

Until I start doubting myself again….Yes, the struggle is real, even more so when you achieve some of your biggest life goals (or so it seems!)

The reality is it hasn’t been a straight road to get here so I thought it might be useful to share my journey of the massive entrepreneurial “road trip” I have found myself on!

I’ve shared the 6 lessons I learned so that you can fast track your own journey to living your version of a BIG life.

Right now I am 100% in love with my business, I am lucky to attract THE most amazing clients and I’ve been living my dream life (which includes a business that supports me financially to travel the world as and when I desire AND buy a home in Spain) since March 2015.

Seriously – I can’t believe I am typing these things.

Here’s the route I took to get to where I am:

June 2012 – Started my own business as a Virtual Assistant. Had one big desire – to be able to work from anywhere in the world. The ultimate in freedom. I knew exactly how to support my clients as I had been an Executive PA for 17 years! So I networked, built my business to not quite what I was earning in my J.O.B and ended up feeling…..super unfulfilled!!

There was no significant investing in myself during this period. My business was lean……and…..not playing to my personality or my strengths at all.

July 2014 – Changed direction in my business and started supporting women in business to be more productive (this sounds a lot easier than it actually was!). I had no clarity but knew my Virtual Assistance business was not my dream business. I felt stuck because I also believed that I had zero skills!! (true story).

Hired my first business coach, and was catapulted into the online “underworld”.

From 2012 to 2014 I had been in my own bubble, I had NO IDEA that this online underworld even existed. I can remember this moment so well – it blew my mind!

The online world. Totally amazing, totally exciting – and serious information overload!

October 2014 – Joined my first high-level Mastermind – my biggest investment in myself and my future. Found myself surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurs who I am truly grateful for, some of these amazing ladies still support me now. They have seen the hustle (and the heartache!) so it’s a very special relationship.

Being surrounded by like-minded women was a total game changer for me and is one of the reasons the Wildly Successful Society exists.

We can’t do this journey alone.

January 2015 – Started building my newsletter list with my first ever 5-day Productivity Challenge (I cringe at the videos now!) also created my Free FB Group Productivity Boosters for Female Entrepreneurs which now has over 7,000 members.

Created a business mantra to help me get out of my own way – #ImperfectAction Is better Than No Action – I whispered this to myself all day long, day in, day out until it was my default.

February 2015 – Split up with my boyfriend, sold most of my belongings and became “location independent”, a Digital Nomad, a laptop entrepreneur!

Kicked this off with a business retreat in Bali hosted by Natalie Sisson, THE Suitcase Entrepreneur and met some more like-minded business buddies, some of whom I have since met up with around the world, we have rented villas and apartments together in London, Paris, Thailand, Bali, Portugal and Costa Rica so far!

March 2015 – I class this as the ‘experimentation phase’ for my business, this went on for about 12 months. Learned lots about building an online business and practised different messaging and marketing techniques, offerings, packages to grow my coaching business and find out what really gets my client’s effortless results.

My #ImperfectAction mantra served me really well here.

I invested in myself, I hired coaches, bought the courses, was in masterminds and did lots of personal development. I was really committing to making a successful business that lit me up AND made a difference.

September 2015 – Created my first online group program and ran it as a pilot with 12 women. My first launch and my first ever webinar!

October 2015 – Travelled to Australia to attend a business retreat hosted by Denise Duffield-Thomas and Victoria Gibson. Two super amazing and inspiring women. They suggested I start charging in US dollars as my audience was so global. I did as I was told (they know a thing or two about success!!). So if you wondered why I charge in US$ – this is why! #globalaudience

2016 – Worked from 9 different countries, had my first 10k+ month, attended conferences for some face to face action, and joined another mastermind. Met more amazing and like-minded women. Also kept experimenting with my message and offerings, getting clearer and clearer.

The big shift here was that I went on a bit of a learning ban. I unsubscribed from all the noise in my inbox, I stopped signing up to webinars and listening to podcasts and instead I put my head down and focused on my own business (instead of watching what everyone else was doing!).

I stayed in my own lane!

This was intentional and also pretty powerful for me and showed how my confidence had grown – to let go of watching what everyone else was doing and just focus on my own game.

I wrote more about my learning ban here.

2017 – Became an International Speaker. Had my first 20k+ month.

I am no longer in the experimentation stage! (edit: I will always be in the experimentation phase. That’s called growth!!).

I knew how to get results for my clients, I knew what worked and I knew how I enjoyed delivering my content and supporting my clients. Next focus – refining, improving and scaling.

That was my 2017 reality because I had given myself permission prior to this to take massive imperfect action (probably the only thing I was consistent at if I’m honest!) and allowed myself to experiment along the way knowing each ‘experiment’ would get me more clarity.

2018 – Achieved another massive goal and bought an apartment in Malaga, Spain. After 3+ years as a Digital Nomad, I was craving having a home base again (some of you may remember the shelves story!!).

2018 ended up being a bit of a maintenance year for my business as it turns out achieving your dream to buy a home again is somewhat more challenging than I realised. So that year ended up being very much about me going inwards to heal some of my own stories that were no longer serving me and focusing on maintaining rather than growing my business.

Growth is painful. Achieving dreams is confronting!!

2019 – Another shift in energy came this year. After 2018 and the “inner” roller coaster I’d been on in I decided I needed to surround myself with some serious business women again so I joined a year-long mastermind in January. This has been my biggest investment yet.  It’s stretched me financially and emotionally and that’s exactly what I needed!

My business needed me to step up. I was the one stopping it from growing even more.

I had been so focused on creating a freedom business that I was left feeling really disconnected from it, it was time to dive back in and find the fire again.  Bring on the next evolution of the entrepreneurial road trip!

My goals have moved from being about me (wanting to travel the world with a thriving business) into being more mission-based. This feels incredibly motivating. It’s now about the women I can help, their dreams I can help bring to life, (whilst staying true to my own lifestyle goals and values).

Here’s my mission if you’re interested:

To inspire women to build a profitable online business (on THEIR terms) so that they can live a life of freedom and adventure.

Basically, I want to empower more women to #LIVEBIG, on their terms.

To wrap this mega post up….

My business has supported me financially to live a life of freedom and adventure (on my terms) for almost 7 years.

I’ve grown a global community of amazing and incredible women all stepping up to the life they desire.

I’ve spoken on stages around the world.

I am in the process of writing a book.

I do all this without working 40 hour weeks.

I can’t wait to see what the rest of 2019 and beyond brings because I get the feeling it’s going to be another transformational one.

The last 7 years have been one hell of a roller coaster, and I’m prepared for what’s to come because if there is one thing I know it’s that what got me here is NOT what’s going to get me to where I’m going!

6 Things I learned along the way that you need to know

Lesson 1 – We can’t do this alone!

I have invested in myself, a lot. I have surrounded myself with like-minded women (and because that has been such an important part of my own journey, I have created that for my clients with the Wildly Successful Society, my signature membership and the Live Big Mastermind for those ready to really unleash themselves). It’s way easier doing this together. I’m pretty sure that building a lifestyle business is the biggest personal development journey we can ever go on.

Lesson 2 – It’s ok to not have clarity

Back when I hired my first Coach, I was totally STUCK. With a VA business that just didn’t light me up, I had no idea what my next step was.

I had zero clarity and it SUCKED being in that place. One of my amazeballs entrepreneur friends, Cat, sent me a message after one of our catch-ups:

“With action comes clarity”.

So I took it.

Messy, uncomfortable action.

And the clarity started to come.

(Helping my clients find clarity is now one of the big steps I work with them on).

Take action, treat it all like an exciting experiment, and watch the clarity and confidence come flooding in.

Lesson 3 – It’s ok that it feels messy right now

That’s the whole point – you don’t have to have everything lined up and perfect, systems in place, perfect clarity, ducks in a row. You just have to get out there and experiment. (Side note: I treated everything as an experiment, it somehow made it easier for me to give things a go).

I coached clients 1:1 to really find out what they truly needed. I launched pilot programs and various group offerings. I tried different marketing messages. All of this helped me to find out what worked for my clients, and also what lit me up to deliver.

And I was patient knowing all this experimenting was taking me closer and closer to what I was meant to be doing. Which is exactly what is happening for you right now.

Yes, I have systems in place now, but that came later. It’s ok to be wherever you are on your journey.

And guess what? I’m still experimenting, I think we always will be because the online world is constantly changing and we need to keep on top of what is and isn’t working.

Yes, it might feel messy, and quite honestly, everyone else feels the same.  Stop comparing your ‘backstage’ to other people’s social media ‘front stage’, it’s not a fair comparison!

Lesson 4 – You will get in your own way – and you will also get out of your own way too!

At every stage of the journey, I have had a pretty massive limiting belief about something that’s felt really restricting, frustrating and challenging.

I openly share that I have built my business on self-doubt because it’s very true. Here are some examples of personal blocks I have faced:
– Not thinking I had ANY skills to offer
– Thinking I wasn’t good enough
– Thinking everything I offered wasn’t valuable
– Feeling like a fraud
– Thinking my business would always be ‘average’
– Thinking I was going to break my business

I’m proud to say that I blasted through each one of these (not with ease I might add!) and because of that I know I will blast through the next ‘limiting thought’ that shows up for me.

The same is true for you. Trust and keep doing the mindset work.

And surround yourself with women on the same journey who 100% get it (and who will call you out on your nonsense stories!).

Lesson 5 – Embrace Imperfect Action (it’s good for your biz!)

This really is my top productivity tip because it has had the biggest impact on my own journey. All my experiments with different programs and offerings have brought me to where I am today.

I am truly grateful for what Imperfect Action has given me.  Without I am sure I would not even have a business.

I gave myself permission to just give things a go. To embrace the experimentation phase.  This is what will take you to your next level.

Lesson 6 – Big goals freaked me out so I didn’t set them

I took it one month at a time – set a monthly goal, took the steps, slowly started getting clearer on how I could help people. I had no idea what I would be doing 6 months on because I was still figuring it out!

I gave myself permission to not have to know what it looked like in the future, and instead, embrace the experimenting and just keep putting one foot in front of the other. There isn’t a right or wrong way – just take baby steps until things slot into place. Because they will – but you have to take the action.

The goals I am now able to set are way bigger because I learnt that WHO you need to become on a daily basis to achieve the bigger goals is what matters. What thoughts, actions, beliefs do you need to embody?

It’s not always about achieving the goal, but who you need to BE on a daily basis to be in with a chance of achieving it.

Your habits WILL create your future.  So make sure you have some good ones!

YOU are here to make an impact.

And that’s a wrap – wow that was an epic post.I really hope it’s helped – wherever you are on your journey, please know I understand, I have been there, and not so long ago, which means I am a great person to support you because I can still feel the emotion that you are currently experiencing and I can share how I blasted through whatever stage you’re at in biz.

Keep going, and know there is light at the end of the tunnel and that you should NOT attempt the entrepreneurial road trip alone, it’s quicker with support!

It’s time for you to embrace the experiment, take imperfect action, get support from people who have already done what you want to do and….trust yourself. You CAN reach your next level in business and the above 6 lessons are a great place to start.

I would love to support you on your journey to living bigger (on your terms) – book in for a chat here if you’re feeling ready to invest in your growth game.

Love Jo x




Today was what I’m calling a “pinch yourself” day. This is exactly what happened:

– 08.00 I went for a run along the promenade

– 10.00 Quick chat with a team member about my webinar happening next week

– 10.30 Had an online coaching call with a client, she came to the session saying she felt stuck and left with a plan that lit her up.

– 12.00 Had an in-person coaching session where one of my clients came for a 90 minute Intensive at my house.

It was awesome. Lots of business strategy chats that got her completely back on track and fired up again. (I don’t get enough in person action so if you fancy a VIP day in Malaga, Spain let me know. I’ve done quite a few and they are transformational).

– 14.30 Decided to head to the beach for some dreaming big time (it’s gorgeous weather here in Malaga at the moment).

That’s when my pinch yourself thought happened.

I have been VERY intentional about creating this life for myself. But I have to admit, it’s been my normal life for quite a few years now (4 actually), so I kind of forget this is what I dreamt of.

Being able to head to the beach in the afternoon because you’re on track with your weekly goals.

Asana has my back!

And……this is the juicy bit.

I jumped on a FB Live straight away into The Society for their mid-month progress check-in and said…..

Are your goals leading you directly to more Pinch Yourself days???

OMG – seriously what a realisation.

If you want more pinch yourself days start setting the goals that will create them!

My goals have intentionally got me here.

I’m not lucky.

I was super intentional about what I wanted my life to look like.

I set goals that would eventually lead to pinch yourself days being my NORMAL!!

Hope the pinch yourself message hit home,

Big love
Jo xx

PS If your goals are not taking you in the direction of pinch yourself days then it’s time for a reset.  We didn’t start our businesses to work harder and earn less!

My 2018 Review

My 2018 Review

Well….2018 you have been “interesting”!

After 3 years as a digital nomad – buying a house in Spain and creating a different life for myself kicked off some serious ‘I’m not good enough’ thoughts in my head.

This was all aimed at my personal life – around making friends and integrating into an offline community again.

It was like being handed the keys to my new house and at the same time they said – “here you go, here’s a box of emotions you’ll need for this transition.  Good luck you’re gonna need it!!”

Yep – turns out transitioning from full time travelling the globe to a homeowner in Spain wasn’t going to be quite as straightforward (internally) as I had expected.

Thanks mind.

I was faced with the biggest “I’m not good enough” stories in years.

Last time I had a home and did ‘normal’ it didn’t work out.

You won’t fit in.  People won’t ‘get’ you. You’re different.  You won’t find ‘your people’.

OMG achieving this goal of buying a home in Spain was triggering me in ALL the ways.

Hello stuff.  I was 100% NOT expecting you.

Every time I got any support or advice it was along the lines of….

For your business to grow to the next level you have to first focus on the personal. Self-love is your focus next.

That message was loud and clear.

And then – the worst thing happened.

My “I’m not good enough” story starting oozing into my business!!


This is so annoying to write about now, looking back, because it was so frustrating (and unnecessary).

When you want to take action – yet you know you are being ‘encouraged’ to slow down, to focus on the personal, to release some stuff – that’s a very frustrating place to be.

Whilst in that space I felt so disconnected from my business – and that has never happened. I didn’t like that.

I knew in some bizarre way that this was growing pains.  It was time to take a really good look at my business, move out of ‘business as usual’ mindset’ and see what was needed next.

I knew I had to trust…and be patient.

Not something I find easy.  I am not a patient person!

Yep, that’s how my 2018 has been.

This all started because I had achieved my biggest, boldest dream of all – to create a business that I could run from anywhere in the world.

Then – realising the next stage of that dream was to have a base, actually a home that I loved, to create a life for myself in one place (and yes still travel).

It was like wow I can achieve these big dreams….and here’s your flaws and ‘stuff’ that needs resolving!

Who knew to achieve your dreams was so confronting??!

The space of not taking action taught me a lot, especially trust and patience!

It has been so frustrating (and frustration can actually be a good thing sometimes – this was definitely highlighting stuff I needed to see).

I have cancelled launches and not sold offerings because here’s the thing, I HAVE to feel connected to what I’m creating or teaching, if I don’t I just can’t get behind it.

There was something I needed to see – and that clever Universe wasn’t letting me free until I got it!

Here’s what I did (and didn’t) achieve in 2018

What I DID achieve

  • Brought a house and moved to Malaga, Spain!
  • Completely re-decorated
  • Led 2 LIVE BIG Masterminds with incredible women 
  • Had my biggest launch yet
  • Brought back my 1:1 Mentoring offering
  • Hosted my first in-person LIVE BIG Intensive at my house in Spain
  • Continued to grow the Wildly Successful Society
  • Booked 2 speaking events for 2019 (one in Australia and one in Spain)
  • Travelled to Canada for a business retreat and made some amazing friends in the process
  • Created my first ‘physical product’ – my 90-day purposeful productivity daily planner (after being asked for years for it by my community).  Check it out here.
  • Took way more time off from my business
  • Hit the same financial figure as 2017 but worked less
  • Got clarity around my business model for 2019

The Still to Do’s

  • Write my book.  I just had no headspace so it never made it into any of my monthly plans.  2019 goals!
  • Learn Spanish – no headspace people, no headspace.  2019 goals!
  • Update WSS members vault. The ‘I’m not good enough’ stuff massively showed up here and having the alignment and passion back for this is making me very happy.  I also now realise that my business model needed a tweak which is the reason the changes didn’t happen
  • Even though I have joined a gym I haven’t managed to get as fit and healthy as I had hoped – I know this will happen in 2019 now the ‘stuff’ has been sieved through!

My 3 Biggest Lessons from 2018 

It’s been a year of personal growth….

Lesson 1 – This IS the journey

No matter where you are on your journey there will always be more inner work to do. You don’t arrive having done the work – there will always be ups and downs, ebbs and flows, lessons and learnings. 

Growth spurts and stages of being in maintenance mode – That is the journey. The entrepreneurial roller coaster in full swing. The sooner we embrace that and stop trying to ‘get somewhere’ the easier it is to ride the waves as they come, knowing it’s all part of it!

I talk about being in the ‘experimentation phase’ in business a lot.  This is where you get to embrace IMPERFECT ACTION, and experiment to see what works. Turns out we are always in that phase!  

This is the journey.  It will always be throwing stuff at us so that we can keep learning and keep growing.  Growth and learning always lead to good things so hold tight and trust you will come out the other side a better version of yourself, even if it doesn’t feel like it at the time!

My seatbelt is back ON and I’m roller coaster ready! Business as usual is over….

Lesson 2 – Trust (with everything you’ve got!)

Trust everything is happening for a reason.  Not being able to take the action I wanted to take, and instead slow down and re-align is important to get me to where I’m going.  I really had to trust that not taking the planned actions was, in fact, the right thing for me, even though it felt soooooo uncomfortable.

I know that the reason I wasn’t able to follow through on some of my plans is that they weren’t quite right. I am now going to be changing a few things – purely to give my customers a better experience, and that feels so good.  The alignment is back.

Trust Yourself. I did a lot of spiralling with ideas and I tried seeking external validation all over the place, but to really drop into that space of fully trusting myself feels so good again. You know what lights YOU up, you know enough about getting results for YOUR clients.  Trust Yourself.

Lesson 3 – Alignment is more important than strategy (for me)

I think I could write a whole blog post on this subject alone (and maybe I will).  

Feeling aligned with what you are promoting matters more than whether you are following the ‘right’ strategy or launching the ‘right’ offering.  If you are connected and excited you’ll more than likely succeed.

Yes, there are strategies we can follow but with the way the online world is (overcrowded and very noisy), real connected businesses are what matter.  If my energy is off then that comes across in my business.  No matter what others tell me, If I’m not aligned – it ain’t happening.

Taking back control of some of the things I had previously outsourced might not be a strategic move, but being aligned and connected means I get my mojo back, and that is a strategy I can get behind.

Without a doubt, my biggest lesson this year is that alignment is more important than strategy (for me and where I’m at).


Side note: I interviewed an amazing and ‘keep it real’ millionaire business owner, Denise Duffield-Thomas a few weeks ago (listen in here she dropped SO many brilliant messages) and my lightbulb moment from that was to keep things simple.


I’m pleased to say that I did the work, I slowed down, I went inwards, I sat still and now I am feeling so excited, passionate and connected again to where we are heading next.

I am definitely not someone who can just sell something without really being aligned with it.

I care a lot – and that’s ok.

I can remove myself from my business more but it doesn’t feel good – it’s ok to take back tasks others are outsourcing.

I like being in the trenches with my ladies, celebrating their wins and holding them up in their times of doubt.

I am a people person.  I need that connection.  My focus now is to find the balance around having a freedom business that I still feel massively connected too.

I already have a tried and tested process and business.  

And yes I am good enough, just as I am (anyone else getting the Bridget Jones line??!). Ha ha.

Here’s to 2019 and rocking life.  My word for the next year is to SHINE BRIGHT.

Grab your sunnies people!

Big love, Jo xx

You MUST do this before setting your 2019 goals

You MUST do this before setting your 2019 goals

Hi lady!

So there’s a lot of talking right now about 2019 – how you want to be feeling this time next year, what your goals are.  All the big annual stuff.

Today I wanted to share the one thing I do BEFORE I plan out my year to better set me up for success.

This simple process will completely change the goals that you set for yourself. You’ll be goal setting from a completely different energy (and headspace) and that’s really important.

The goal isn’t just to set goals – it’s to set the right, purposeful, intentional goals.  The ones that will light up your soul and lead to fulfilment.

There is a whole process around setting goals – but this step is what I want you to focus on BEFORE you get to the goal-setting stage.

Here’s an example of what I mean:

If I took a couple of hours this afternoon to think about what I want to achieve next year I think the first thing my mind would do was say…

“You didn’t nail this year”

“You played small this year”

“You didn’t achieve X,  Y, or Z”

Blah Blah. Yadda Yadda.

However, I have found that if I do a few exercises before I get to this stage I am in a way better state of mind for the planning part and will set completely different goals.

It’s important to set your annual goals from a high vibe state, rather than a panicked, ‘didn’t achieve’ state.

Here is the exact process I go through before planning out my annual goals:

I treat myself to a ridiculously powerful journaling session – honestly I take my ladies through this everytime we plan annually and every time we all leave this session with big smiles on our faces feeling a little bit more epic than when we started!

Step 1 – Set aside an hour, distraction-free.  Maybe take yourself to your favourite cafe, the park or put on your favourite chilled out tunes.  You’ll need a notepad and pen.

Step 2 – Go through the following questions in a notebook (you will be surprised how good you feel afterwards)

Here are the questions to ask yourself:

– What amazing things have I achieved so far this year?  (Big and small). Give yourself a high five. Success builds momentum…..

– What did I want to achieve but didn’t?  Be honest, why didn’t you? This is about gaining self-awareness because without it you can’t change things.

– How did I limit yourself and how can I stop doing that in 2019?

– What product/service /offering had the most success?  If 20% of your efforts bring in 80% of your results it’s good to be aware of this info!

I guarantee you will be feeling VERY different about next year once you have taken 20 mins to answer the above questions.

Love Jo xx

The 3 unexpected benefits of my 30 day challenge

The 3 unexpected benefits of my 30 day challenge

Hi friend!

I’m keen to share my latest experiment with you – it’s been SO interesting!

First up – I did it – I completed my September challenge which was to move my ‘beautiful’ body every day (yes I did have to add in the word beautiful because I don’t often call it that!).

At the end of August I wasn’t feeling good, really struggling with fatigue and had completely lost my mojo.

When I hosted the September monthly planning workshop for my Wildly Successful Society members, I asked them the question ‘How do you want to be feeling at the end of the month?

I realised I wanted to be feeling ALIVE – so I choose that as my word of the month.

Moving my body was pressure free.  Yes there were about 100 other habits I wanted to implement at the same time but I have tried the ‘this month I’ll do all the things’ approach and as we all know….


Keep it simple.  That was my goal. That’s why I achieved it.

Moving my body looked different depending on how I was feeling and what my daily schedule looked like.

Some days it was a slow walk and a paddle in the sea (as long as I hit my 10k steps a day it didn’t matter what the exercise was).

Some days it was PT session at the gym.

Some days I did the couch to 5k program.

Some days I hiked up to the castle (so steep!)

Most days I was up before the sun was:

My mastermind buddy and Mindfulness Coach Andrea Featherstone from Project Self  suggested I try doing my daily walk or run without listening to a podcast or music because being present with your 5 senses makes you….happier.

So I’ve spent 30 days every single day having between 30 and 90 minutes ‘mindful exercise’ and to be honest when I was wrapping up on Sunday and looking back on my challenge I realised there were THREE unexpected outcomes from the 30-day move my body daily experiment.


I felt ridiculously empowered. There is something pretty special about taking control of your day / time / habits.  I know this, its part of my work, but after a few months of being here there and everywhere it felt so freakin good to take back control and decide how I wanted to show up for my daily life. So benefit #1 – feeling way more empowered.



The second thing I didn’t expect was the mindfulness that came out of this whole challenge. Taking yourself on a daily walk, along a beautiful seaside coast with the sun rising and no noise to distract your mind turned into my daily (informal) meditation too.  And as Andrea (Mindfulness Coach) shared, meditation is known to make you feel happier.  And surprisingly, I did!



The third bonus was getting my mojo back and feeling inspired and excited about my business again. I LOVE feeling like this!  I know we can’t always be in that place, and it’s tough when you’re not, but when you are….it rocks like a rocky thing!

The whole experiment was good in so many ways, but these three things were totally unexpected and have blown my mind around the power of keeping it simple, and the beautiful RIPPLE EFFECT.

1st October and I got up and went for my morning walk at 7.15am – even though I no longer had to as part of the challenge!



Habits are powerful.  Empowering. And the ripple effect of where else in your life they benefit us is well worth the effort (big understatement right there).

Hopefully, this has inspired you to pick a habit to focus on and see what comes of it.

My top tip: Keep. It. Simple!! (i.e Pick one habit at a time to implement!).

My October focus is to keep up the daily movement and add in a more formal meditation practice too.

Having a home after 3 years nomad’ing is proving so good for this little non-routine girl!

Here’s to us!

Love Jo xx