5 ways to connect online with friends and family

Wow, a lot has happened in the world this week.  March has not turned out as planned.

One minute I was on a road trip around Southern Spain, then, within 48 hours we were in official lockdown.

Surreal. Intense. Uncertain.

If you’re worried about being in lockdown and how you will cope with the social isolation.  I’ve got you covered (I hope).

5 ways to connect online with friends and family to make lockdown less of a challenge

Before I go on, can we all just take a moment to be grateful for Wifi?  This would be a whole different experience without that, wouldn’t it?!

As I work from home and spend most days hosting online calls I’m not feeling the isolation as much as some of my friends.  It’s almost business as usual which is why this made me laugh (a lot!):

As I write this I’m on Day 8 of lockdown here in Spain.  For clarity, lockdown here means we are not allowed out other than very specific reasons, one being the supermarket.  Going for a walk is not allowed.  Even the beaches are taped off.

This means we are getting creative with our socialising! 

I’ve been to an online cheese and wine party, a self-care session and online yoga classes so far this week.

There’s been cook-alongs, group exercise classes, social events and more which is why I wanted to share some of the tools I’ve been using this week with friends to stay semi-sane!


Video Conferencing. Most of us already use Zoom for business.  I host group calls, 1:1 coaching calls and webinars using Zoom.  It’s great for getting a group of people together, on video (or off – you choose).  You can record your calls, screen share and even use it as a whiteboard.

Great if you want to take your offline classes online.  I attended a Yoga class online via Zoom.  The basic (free) plan lets you host up to 100 participants.  I’m hosting virtual co-working sessions via Zoom in my free FB Group.

Join us here to be notified when the next one is.   It’s super productive!

A bit more informal. Houseparty is a face to face social network that lets up to 8 people video chat together at once.  “Group video chat to help you and your friends be together when you’re not together”.  We had a girls meet up on Thursday, (a cheese and wine virtual catch up 😍).  It’s more informal than Zoom and gave us all a much-needed giggle fest.


There’s also Skype, Whatsapp (you can video call your friends and family) and FB Messenger.

Oh and Netflix has something called Netflix Party now too which allows you to watch Netflix movies and shows together with your friends while in self-isolation.

From my experience in lockdown (so far), every day is different.  One day I’m full of energy and feeling positive, the next I’m lethargic.  Be gentle with yourself, stay focused on what you CAN control and keep in touch with your people.

This week Houseparty and Zoom have kept me social.  Make sure you plan in regular catch-ups, we’re all in this together and it helps to hear that you’re not the only one that’s feeling up and down!

Sending you all the love, Jo xx

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