Do you feel like you're not making REAL progress in your business?

Learn how to make procrastination and that never-ending To Do list a thing of the past!

I know you. I know that you’re a wildly passionate, determined
business owner.  You've got what it takes to knock this business thing out of the park.... but life gets busy, right?

  • You wonder where the time goes as you rock up at the end of yet ANOTHER week feeling unaccomplished
  • You don't know what to focus on next, how to prioritise and let's not even mention the constant distractions
  • You're surrounded by scattered bits of paper, an overflowing inbox and a billion notifications all screaming for your attention
  • and you are DONE with being the only thing standing in your way of your success. Self-doubt be GONE.

What would being more productive mean to you?

For me at the beginning of my own business journey, it meant creating the time and space to travel the world with my laptop whilst earning a living.

I was done with getting to the end of the day and not feeling like I had accomplished anything. My to-do list still as long as it was in the morning, and I NEVER wanted to experience that sick feeling of getting to the end of another month not hitting my income goals. 

What if I said making friends with productivity would give you the following?

  • Increased success in your business without the striving and hustle
  • More flow in your life each and every day - that means evenings and weekends off because you're on track
  • Space to enjoy the things you love with the people who light you up - like a Friday lunch date with hubby
  • More time for travel and adventure so you can whisk yourself off to the spa with your best girlfriends GUILT-FREE

And more income. The side effect of making friends with productivity is MORE money!

I get it. As a business owner, you have probably tried other productivity systems and you feel like you’re always trying something new and seeking out that “magic fix” which will bring you the results you crave.


"I've tried to get productive before and it never sticks.
How is this different?"

It all starts with mindset.

Unlike other productivity systems, in Purposefully Productive, we start with YOUR MINDSET before we even start talking about productivity!

Most productivity systems fail because they tell you WHAT to do without talking about WHY and HOW to do it. They don’t account for your personal blocks and unique-to-you motivations.

They don’t account for what I call ‘Productivity Blocks’

You can’t just ‘do’ productivity.

You can’t say ‘yes’ and ‘no’ to the right things when you’re paralysed by ‘shoulds’.

You can’t tick off a to-do list when the voice in your head is saying it’s too hard. You can’t go after the life you want if you deep down think you don’t deserve it!

Once you’ve smashed through your blocks and named your dreams, then the productivity flows.

That’s why Purposefully Productive is different. We're tackling WHY you procrastinate too!

Laura Elkaslassy

“I am now way, way more productive and less stressed and have had the best month ever in my business!

Laura Elkaslassy

It’s time to step away from…

- An unhealthy attachment to your to-do list
- Feeling overwhelmed and like you ‘should’ achieve a certain amount each day
- That guilty feeling creeping in because you think you’re not getting enough done
- Overworking and pushing yourself too hard aka wearing the crown of BUSY

That’s a recipe for self-doubt, burnout and getting nowhere in your business.

Productivity for the sake of being productive will drive you crazy.

Being PURPOSEFUL with how you spend your time, focus and energy will move your life in the direction of your dreams.

How do I know this?  Because it's precisely what happened to me! And now it's your turn...

Helen Iwata

"This course has undoubtedly been the best return on investment for me. At last, I no longer feel “I don’t have enough time. I’ve got to do more”. I’m getting more of the important things done and having a lot more fun. Wow, what a difference PP has made in my life!"

Helen Iwata
Helen Dibble

"Want proof that your methods work? I’m it! I have worked with three coaches and none of them have got me taking action like you have! I feel like I’m on FIRE."

Helen Dibble

The 4 Pillars of Purposefully Productive


Reconnect with what’s important. That’s the first very important step.

Define your dream and create a vision that excites you to jump out of bed every morning.

  • Get honest with yourself about what you REALLY want
  • We’re talking ‘secret dreams’
  • Create an empowering big picture vision that becomes the roadmap for our time together

You’ll define your dream and create a vision that excites you to jump out of bed every morning!


Join the dots between where you are now and where you want to be. Create a plan with defined goals and actionable steps towards your dreams.

  • My powerful goal-setting and planning process
  • The right way to break down your goals so that they are achievable (instead of overwhelming)
  • Prioritising tasks the easy way so that you're no longer wasting your time on the wrong tasks, and getting nowhere

You’ll get clear on your goals and priorities so that you can stay on track and focused every single day, week and month.

#3 DO IT

Implement my proven productivity techniques into your personal version of productivity. Take action towards your dreams every day.

  • Set up your perfect day and week
  • Break down bigger goals into smaller tasks
  • Master time management techniques
  • Implement success habits for long-term results

You’ll strategically carry out weekly and daily actions that will help you focus AND have more free time.


This is my secret productivity weapon! Learn my formula to review, tweak and keep levelling-up your pursuit of purposeful productivity and the life you really desire.

  • How to end each day with a bang
  • The 5 Step Weekly CEO Date (this literally changed my life!)
  • Reviewing your month to plan for the next

You’ll learn my quick method for reviewing and analysing your progress for consistent growth.

Dream It. Plan It. Do it. Review It.

“If you can dream it, you can do it.”

—Walt Disney

Jacqui Miyabayashi

"Before Joining Purposeful Productivity I was feeling like I was not achieving anything while at the same time attempting to do a lot! Creating my online business took so much time and I had a complete lack of life/work/care balance.

Now I’m able to really focus and get started on my ‘bigger plan’ for my business, I have a healthy work/life/care balance and new paying clients too!"

Jacqui Miyabayashi

What you'll get inside the Purposefully Productive Program

6 powerful weeks
that will see you ditch procrastination and perfectionism and embrace a personalised productivity system.  A system that you can rinse and repeat every day to finally get the results you know you are capable of.

Module 1 - Mindset 101: Unleash the Real You with my powerful mindset techniques and find out what’s getting in the way of your success.

Module 2 - Define Your Dream: Create a vision that excites you to jump out of bed every morning.

Module 3 - Goal Setting and Planning: Learn my unique goal-setting and planning process that actually works. We’ll join the dots between where you are now and where you want to be, then create a plan to achieve your dream, with defined goals and actionable steps.

Module 4 - Procrastination and Productivity Blocks: Learn what's really going on and how to tame that self-doubt so that you can keep taking the action you know you are capable of taking.

Module 5 - Your Daily Productivity Formula: Implement my tried and tested productivity strategies to end your weekdays feeling accomplished and ensure weekends are free for fun! Together we’ll also implement the powerful weekly “CEO Date” which will change your life (it did mine!).

Module 6 - Review: Learn my formula to keep levelling-up your pursuit of purposeful productivity

Dream It. Plan It. Do it. Review It.

The next live round starting Jan 2019 includes:

  • Daily support and coaching in a private Facebook group so you never feel like you're on your own
  • Weekly Hot Seats and Mentor Sessions to keep you moving forwards and releasing those productivity blocks once and for all
  • Accountability Partners so that you feel supported and encouraged
  • Challenges, Competitions and Prizes so you never fall behind
Rachel Sizemore

The only way to describe working with Jo is: life-changing. I feel calmer, happier, more focused, 100x more productive and probably most important – I’m making more money with more ease.

Rachel Sizemore

See you on the inside!

I'll show you EXACTLY how to kick procrastination and stop the endless cycle of overwhelm. You'll even learn how to jump back on the productivity wagon when you fall off (it happens!).

Success is a habit. Are you ready to commit to creating the mindset and habits that will support you in taking your business and life to the NEXT LEVEL?

One of my students, Laura, had the best month ever in her business after taking one of my courses and Tori had her first 5 figure launch using my strategies. 

It doesn't matter what your business is or what personality you have, I'll teach you how to implement the strategies in a way that works for YOU.

I've designed this course so that it's jam-packed full of SUPPORT. I know what's really going on in that mind of yours (eek!), I'll be right by your side, day in, day out to help you turn this around once and for all.

Purposefully Productive is my flagship course for passionate business owners who are tired of being held back by inaction.

You’ll implement the masculine productivity tools as well as tackle the feminine mindset blocks in my signature system: “4 Pillars to Purposeful Productivity”.

THAT’S where the magic happens, you need both the masculine and feminine tools to succeed and that's why this course is different.

When you invest in yourself it pays dividends. If you don’t back yourself, who will?

Tash Corbin, Business Coach & Mentor

"Honestly, when I work the Jo Bendle way it feels like the weight of the world is OFF my shoulders. I have more self-confidence. More clarity. More excitement about my life!!! I had both a biz and a life before Jo. But after Jo Bendle I got to enjoy BOTH, and I got to feel competent and complete as I navigated them!” 

Tash Corbin, Business Coach & Mentor