Are you ready to overhaul your productivity habits and mindset?

Beat overwhelm, stop spinning your wheels,
and get stuff done (finally!)

  • If you’ve ever spent a day being busy,
    but you’ve got nothing DONE
  • If you’ve ever moved an item from
    one ’to-do’ list to the next
  • If you’ve got HUNDREDS of ideas,
    but are making traction on NONE

It's only US$150 to give RPM a try - you'll have access to my repeatable 6 step formula that will allow you to have a Really Productive Month, every month, plus myself and a supportive group of women will be joining you on the journey to effortless productivity.


  • 1

    Monthly planning and goal-setting

    We create your clear, achievable, and practical plan for the month, broken down into weekly goals and actions

  • 2

    Weekly set-up AND weekly review

    Get yourself sorted on a Monday, and review your progress each Friday, so you know EXACTLY what’s working and what needs to change

  • 3

    Daily goals, co-working and accountability

    Using my productivity tips and tricks, you will get MORE of the right things done, complete, FINISHED!

What would you pay to have a productivity expert help you overhaul your habits?

What would you pay for an extra five hours, ten hours, fifteen hours, in each and every single week?

These habits will be yours for life.

RPM has been a life changer for me. I have a tendency to take on too much at once or attempt to 'multi task' (which I've learnt isn't a thing), but with Jo's help I have made so many adjustments. I am now way, way more productive and less stressed and have had the best month ever in my business! Jo will rock your business with her support and knowledge. Thanks Jo!

Laura Elkaslassy

My months with Jo have been more productive than ever before! I used to get to the end of the month disappointed and frustrated, and let's be honest fed up with myself for wasting so much time. Now I get to the end of the month having still had quite a lot of downtime, but amazingly I have checked things off my list and am moving forwards.

Jacqui Miyabayashi

Overhauling your habits and mindset to be your most productive self EVER is no easy task.

But, my approach is to break tasks and habits down into bite-sized pieces so that the changes stick over time.

THAT'S where the magic happens.

I've tested a few different approaches and have found that monthly support to TRULY change habits is the sweet spot! It's where all the productivity tips, tricks, habits, and resources are here to stay which is why RPM is a monthly club for getting stuff done.  You can join us for 1 month, and experience game changing results.

Trust me, after daily hands-on support to nail your goals, you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner.


So far, just one month of RPM makes me feel more organized, more productive in a shorter time span, more structured and has given me more clarity around my productivity blocks (or rather all the other blocks that keep me from being the productive power woman I desire to be)!

Marianne Siegmann

If you want to shift a gear or 3 in your business RPM is for you. Jo Bendle is an amazing productivity coach and gorgeous leader for this group I have had an absolute powerhouse of a month.

Jennifer Platt

If you've struggled to achieve your big, juicy monthly goals in the past, you might have a few questions about how RPM can help you have a more productive month. Questions such as:

Won't I end up working long hours to achieve my goals? +

No, RPM is all about focusing on what works and letting go of what doesn't. In fact, many of our members find they have more time as a result of being productive.

What productivity resources do I get with RPM? +

While I will be sharing my best productivity tools and lessons in the weekly productivity challenges and resource library, the big focus will be providing a massive amount of support and accountability to keep you taking focused action to achieve your BIG monthly goals.

How is this different to things I've tried in the past that didn't work? +

In the past, you tried to hold yourself accountable and it doesn’t work. Over the weeks you’ll develop a system adapted to suit your business and lifestyle to help you focus, take action and win big. All that in a fun space with an amazing support crew.

Will I see results worth the price? +

Absolutely, just imagine what you can do with hours of extra time each week. You could take on more clients or create another product for your business to bring in even more income.

Here’s the thing:

If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting the same results.

Do you want to find yourself at the END of 2016, wishing you’d got yourself sorted SOONER?

It’s not what you KNOW, it’s what you DO.


It's only US$150 to give RPM a try - you'll have access to my repeatable 6 step formula that will allow you to have a Really Productive Month, every month, plus myself and a supportive group of women will be joining you on the journey to effortless productivity.


Before RPM I knew what I wanted to do...Everything! But what was I achieving? Not a lot. I was constantly in fire fighting mode, my team were scattered and completely under-utilized, and I spent my days jumping from one task to another and never really finishing ANYTHING.

During RPM I questioned, argued, denied, defended... Then saw the light. And that's the thing - it takes a bit of a battle with your mindset and beliefs to really move into effortless productivity. And Jo is right there, checking on you, questioning, supporting. She is unwavering in her belief and a walking library of productivity tools.

After RPM? Well there's no such thing for me. I'm here for life!!!!!

Tash Corbin

I've done more in 2 weeks then I have done in the previous 3 months!

Michelle Rogers

Guess what? I am just tidying up my accounts and I've just realised I have had the best month ever in my business by just over a $1000! Focus and structure is so awesome - thank you Jo.

Claire Barton

I have to thank you Jo, I did not realise how much resistance I had to scheduling and how disorganized I am,  This has been a complete game changer for me!

Dominique Oyston