What I learnt from my luxury house sit

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Guess what – I’m currently on my first ever house sit looking after two adorable dogs.

I’m starting to get the hang of this location independence malarkey and stepped it up a gear this time house sitting a beautiful (and massive!) house – it even had a swimming pool and tennis court – as well as these two beauties, who I am mainly here to walk and play with.

Barley and MerlotMeet Barley and Merlot having their lunchtime chew. How cool are these guys.  They seem to do a lot of sleeping – in between playing ball!

So what’s this got to do with getting more done, being organised and my most productive self you ask?


Before I arrived the lady I am house sitting for sent me an email with all the details I needed to take care of the dogs.

She had explained everything in detail, when the dogs eat, exactly what they eat for meals and snacks, even details about the postman.

As long as I follow the plan, stick to their routine all will be fine and stress and disruption free for all involved.

Now relating this straight back to your lovely business my friend – coming from a VA background I am really passionate about building solid foundations for your empire to grow from. Yep I’m afraid I’m talking systems and processes!

Before you roll your eyes – this might just be a simple bullet list in a Word or Google doc, it doesn’t have to be anything fancy – and it will make a whole world of difference to your sanity when starting to grow and bring in virtual team members.

It’s been a while since I did a video so here’s me chatting all things ‘processey’ (exciting chica that I am!):

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Here’s my thoughts – absolutely everything that is repeatable in your business needs to have a written down step by step ‘process’.  This process should be followed every time this particular task is completed.  Every time you follow the process you’ll save HEAPS of time not having to think oh what do I usually do when X, Y, Z happens in my business, and the biggie – It means you can hand it over to someone else to do and it will get done to the exact same standard as when you do it.

Result.  Done as if by you but not actually BY you.

I could literally talk for days about systemising your business, why you should and how much time it will free up (yep loads more time!) not to mention how you’ll feel better.  If you’re feeling out of control and like you are spending your days and week’s ‘reacting’ to the demands of others then you might want to take a look at how you are working.

So one final mention – next time you do a task in your business that you have done before and you know you will do again, write up a process for it (or you can create a mindmap, record yourself doing it on Jing, draw a picture) whatever as long as the ‘How To’ is captured.

Here starts your Business Bible or Standard Operating Procedure.

PLEASE don’t read this and think ‘Yeah that’s a great idea I’m so going to create processes for my business to grow from – my whole business is going to be sooooo freakin organised…’ and then go back to browsing FB!!

It’s about creating solid foundations, ensuring you and your business are always putting out the same fantastic standard and much more. It means you can GROW.  And you can OUTSOURCE in a sstress-freeway.

And if you don’t know what to write your first process on – here’s a few ideas:

  • New client process
  • Invoicing
  • How to upload a blog post

Oh dear is it sad that I like things like this??  I better go throw a ball for my doggie friends….(aka get out more!! Ha)

Over and out
Jo x


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Get more done in a week than you have in the last month.


Get more done in a week than you have in the last month.