Do you set 7 Day goals?

Struggling to prioritise and then becoming a pro at procrastinating is purely a lack of focus or clarity.

You know – that’s when you go and put another load of washing on, open the fridge and stare at the food (even though you’ve just had lunch!), pop into Facebook – that kind of thing.  This doesn’t happen on the days you are completely clear about what you want to get done though does it??! So technically – being focused is also great for dieting as you stay out the fridge haha

So how do you get this elusive clarity/focus thing happening?  You set goals.

Personally I feel a bit under pressure when I am told to set goals, make them SMART etc.  I struggle to come up with my ONE BIG GOAL, and then I get stressed because I haven’t got my ‘big goal’ nailed, and wonder what does that mean about me?  Blah Blah.

Then I head to the fridge!

So in true #livebig style – let’s keep this really simple. I don’t need you to go and re-visit your BIG GOALS for the year but I would like you to get into the habit of setting mini-goals each week (“Habits” are what lead to success when it comes to getting stuff done).

I’m all about bite-sized, manageable things to get more done because that is exactly what works for me.

It’s also about FOCUS.

And taking away unnecessary decision-making.

So each week set yourself one simple goal you would like to achieve in the next 7 days.  (Or one personal goal and one business goal if you have realised the power of this exercise!).

  • Write it down and look at it every day over the 7 days (this is important)
  • Celebrate your success when you achieve your mini 7-day goal (this builds motivation which helps get even more done)
  • Keep track of your 7-day goals on a tracker so you can see just how much you have achieved throughout the month and year.

This is all about getting into the habit of achieving.  The more you achieve by way of smaller goals, the easier it is to tackle a bigger goal, your mind just confidently says, “oh I achieve goals every week this one will be no different” and gets on with it.


Imagine if you do this every week for a year – that’s 52 bite-sized goals you have achieved!

I want some of that, don’t you??!

Welcome to the power of 7-day goal-setting – keep them simple and remember it’s a habit you are forming so that when the big goals come your way you sail through them!

Love Jo x

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