Are you blocking your productivity?

Hey superstar, I’m just checking in to see if YOU are the cause of your not so fabulous productivity habits!

Are you getting in your own way again??!  Come on you can be honest with me….

I created a term for things that stop us from taking action, I call them PRODUCTIVITY BLOCKS, clever I know.

You hear people talking about money blocks and how we are blocking all that wonga from flowing abundantly to us, well I have seen more than a few productivity blocks in my time too.

I have suffered most of them myself to be fair, so not only do I get to witness them on a daily basis with my clients, I’ve been pretty up close and personal with them too!

So what’s a productivity block then?  The perfect (excuse the pun) example is something like PERFECTIONISM or PROCRASTINATION.

With perfectionism we are stopping ourselves from taking the beautiful action we want to take because things aren’t yet ‘good enough’.

Why is this a productivity block?

Because things will NEVER be perfect.  Perfect doesn’t exist which is why I decided about a year into my business that my daily mantra was going to be:


It’s served me very well so if you want to pinch it, feel free.

Anyhow back to the point, it’s usually a fear-based reason that is blocking us from doing something, from taking action and we tend to create a ‘story’ around it to make us feel better about it.  A bit like an excuse.

Fear is a sneaky little thing.

I’m currently reading Gabrielle Bernstein’s new book, “The Universe has your back” and she calls it a “low vibe story”.

Are you telling yourself that you don’t have enough time?

That next month you will do things differently, etc etc.

Is it ‘difficult’ for you because….[insert your low vibe story here]

This is a ‘story’ and guess what my fabulous friend?  It’s time to get a NEW story.

That’s the thing about life.

Your thoughts truly do create your reality so at any time you can choose to think differently, you can choose to get a NEW STORY.

One that serves you better ie it’s perfectly fine for me to take imperfect action whilst growing my business and get my website / offering / webinar / blog / newsletter (delete as appropriate) out there because its way better to be serving my tribe than hiding behind a PB (productivity block!).

As Gabrielle says identify your ‘low vibe story’ and then get really honest with yourself. 

How does that story make you feel?

Ask yourself – Is it even 100% true?

How are your words and beliefs blocking YOU from getting something exciting and fabulous done and ‘out there’?

What is the No 1. ‘low vibe story’ that you have on REPEAT? 

I have the same old story that keeps popping up time and time again, I’m always peeling back the layers from the various form’s it shows up in.

I now make light of it and say:

Oh the ‘I’m not good enough’ story again is it?!

Whenever you notice yourself stuck in that low vibe story, do something to pull yourself out of it. To look at it for what it really is…. a STORY.

And then go and create a new story.

I have a gorgeous and clever friend/mastermind buddy who whenever I go down that road she just yells at me ‘GET A NEW STORY’ and instantly I’m like:

Oh yeah!!

We all need reminding!!

What’s this got to do with productivity?

OMG heaps – Productivity Blocks are what stop you from reaching your full potential.

It’s why my business exists.

Yes, I teach you the simple productivity ‘tools’ so you can be more effective with your time, but, almost more importantly, we also focus on what’s REALLY going on behind the scenes, from productivity block’s to low vibe stories, to realisations, to resistance to “WOAH I GET IT NOW” epiphanies!

All this and more is happening whilst we are PRACTICING the productivity tools together in the Free FB Group. #powerfulstuff

There’s more to productivity than meets the eye and it’s my J.O.B to set you free!

Big love, blocks and all!

Jo x

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