6 Habits to Living Bigger

“People do not decide their futures, they decide their habits and their habits decide their futures” – F M Alexander

Hi You,

About 3 years ago a Coach I was working with at the time asked me a simple but powerful question:

What did YOU do to get to where you are?

So I put pen to paper and mapped it out and that’s when two things were born:

  1. The Meant for More Framework
  2. The #MeantforMore Success Habits

I wanted to share these 6 Success Habits as they are truly what’s helped me keep growing in business (whilst still having a life), and I reckon they just might help you too….

Meant for More Success Habit #1


– Admit that you’re playing small (even though you have already achieved a lot)

– You want more, and you know you are capable of more

– Maybe you want something different – you’re not feeling fulfilled and lit up

– You have bigger dreams and you’re not reaching your true potential

– Focusing on what you think is possible instead of aiming high

It’s time to get honest so that you can change what isn’t working.

Meant for More Success Habit #2


– Re-connect to your North Star. Your Secret Dream. What do you really want your life to look like?

– Get fired up with unstoppable motivation by connecting to that vision regularly

– This is what gives you massive momentum, drive and focus every single day.  Get committed to making it happen.

– Use this vision to blast through procrastination and fear

– Trust and let go of needing to know the HOW but stay focused on the vision (I knew I wanted a business that I could run whilst travelling the world – I kept that front of mind even when it seemed impossible).  That helped me show up every month with determination.

Meant for More Success Habit #3


– Your thoughts fuel your feelings which determine your actions

– When you show up daily without doubts or procrastination you get the things done that will grow your business

– Give yourself permission to BE the best version of you

– Create a daily mindset ritual to keep you from being the only thing standing in your way

Non-negotiable – do the damn mindset work daily.  Your future self needs you to start NOW.

Meant for More Success Habit #4


– Action is the most powerful way to move through fear.  Action also brings confidence and clarity.

– Give yourself permission to take massive imperfect action

– Getting uncomfortable being uncomfortable is how you learn, evolve, and grow

– Treating everything like an experiment allowed me to actually take action and that’s how I learned, tweaked, and improved

Meant for More Success Habit #5


– Set fewer goals (this is hard!)

– Go “ALL IN” (this is hard!)

– 20% of your efforts will bring in 80% of your results (this is hard!)

“Through discipline comes freedom” – Aristotle

Meant for More Success Habit #6


– This journey is not meant to be taken alone

– Surround yourself with like-minded women who help you to stay in action mode despite your doubts

– Find people who activate you – spend time in their energy

– Surround yourself with people who believe in you more than you believe in yourself

I 100% would not have the life and business I have today without surrounding myself all the freakin time with action taking, big-dreaming women.  Every year I invest in Coaches and Masterminds because without them I travel a lot slower.

What’s your biggest takeaway from this post, is there one habit you need to focus on right now?

Message me here and let me know!

Love Jo x

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