Why I pick a word for the month

I always love the start of a new month, I have ‘things’ that I do and it always fills me with anticipation of what’s to come during the month ahead.

One of the things I do each month is pick a ‘word for the month’. I always pick a word each month for how I want to feel, what I want to focus on etc.  It is truly amazing how powerful this simple act has been for me.

It never seems to let me down. Yes, I set goals in the traditional way but I also use this more feminine approach to almost guide me through the month.  It always amazes me what it attracts.

This month it’s CREATE. Create my new team, create lots of content, create the best version of me, create my best life. It means so many things to me.

It doesn’t matter what your word means to anyone else, it’s what it means to you.  I usually pick a word that relates to all areas of my life.  I am excited just writing about this.

It really guides me and it’s definitely a form of the law of attraction too. What you focus on you attract.

Here are some of the words I have picked in the past that have served me well:

VISIBILITY – and I got interviewed 5 times that month, and the amazing thing is that all of the interviewees approached me!

CONNECTION – I had no idea that this would lead to me interviewing 40 women in business and making heaps of new connections.

UPLEVEL – This was an internal thing like I needed to catch up with where my business was and in fact, the interesting thing is the month I picked this itself I didn’t do much uplevelling BUT heading into the next month wow did I have a massive shift in my mindset like I was ready for the next stage.

It’s powerful stuff.

Pick a word and then write it somewhere that you will see it every single day. I have mine at the top of my ‘Weekly schedule’ in Asana, which I look at daily for my To Do’s.

I shared this tip in my Monthly Planning Workshop and there were so many amazing words being picked.

Here are some of the words my clients have chosen to give you some inspiration:


What’s you word this month?

Love Jo x

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