2019 Annual Review

I get the feeling something big happened to me in 2019. 

This year I joined the 12-month VIP Mastermind with Sigrun – my first 12-month mastermind. 

I’ve been investing in masterminds, mentors and coaches for over 5 years but this 12-month experience was by far my biggest investment and longest commitment yet.

It came with 3 in-person retreats in Switzerland (a total weakness for me – I love in person and I love a retreat!).

I also knew it was time to stretch myself in my business again (transitioning from full-time nomad to homeowner in Spain was quite the adventure!).

I knew I needed a high-level mastermind where I would be surrounded by some serious businesswomen who would inspire me to step it up (and get out of my own way).

It also got me incredibly inspired to deliver a transformative experience for my own clients, using all the skills and experiences I’ve gained from another year in business.

At the front of my mastermind journal I wrote:

“I trust I will get whatever it is I need to take my business to the next level”

Oh, what wise words they were. Little did I know the journey I was about to go on!

This group of 10 fabulous people challenged me in every way. I remember at the first retreat in Switzerland, at Sigrun’s home, I left my first hot seat a bit shell shocked.  My new mastermind buddies were telling it exactly as it was:

“You’re playing small”

Ouch.  And they honed straight in on my self-doubt. 

They could see everything so clearly, but if I was being honest, I knew they were right, and this is exactly why I was in the room.

New level, Same devil.  With every new level we reach, our old stories and doubts come up!

Let the roller coaster commence….

For the girl who lives by the mantra: LIVE BIG I felt like I had work to do.

Side note: The girl who left her life in the UK and achieved her dreams to travel the world with her laptop, be financially independent, to speak on stages around the world….was still playing small!

I share that comment because I have three very close business buddies (who I have met over the last few years in various programs and masterminds – another plus for investing in yourself – lifelong friendships with people who ‘get it’) and they always laugh when I say “I’m playing small”.

They don’t see it that way.

It’s funny what we tell ourselves, isn’t it?!  

Anyhow, I knew in my heart I was capable of a lot more.

What got you here won’t get you to where you are going

2019 has been about massive internal growth for me and I just know I will be benefitting from the inner work I’ve done this year in 2020 and beyond.  I can feel the shift.  

I feel like a different person to 12 months ago.

Before I share the shifts, challenges and growing pains let’s celebrate a little….

Celebrations of 2019

The highlight for me has definitely been connecting offline with incredible businesswomen.


I was honoured to speak on two international stages this year  🎉 🎉

First, I spoke at Costa Women’s International Women’s Day Conference in Spain, and exactly one week later I was speaking at Tash Corbin’s inspirational Heart-Centred Business Conference in Brisbane, Australia (my second time speaking at her event alongside the amazing Denise DT).

I had so much positive feedback that it reminded me how much I love inspiring others to live their version of a BIG life.

In-person workshops and VIP days

This year I hosted in-person workshops and VIP days around the world and I LOVED IT!. Getting to connect in real life with my clients was so rewarding. 

Want to chat about having a personalised VIP day? Book in for a quick chat here.

Malaga Retreat  🎉

And another fabulous thing that happened this year was the Live Big Mastermind Retreat.  4 of my Live Big ladies came to Spain for a 2-day retreat and they all said they left a different person to the one they arrived as.

They showed up, supported one another, let go of limiting beliefs, set bigger goals, left with epic plans in place – everyone literally transformed in front of our eyes.

It was incredible.

…..and my dream of running transformational retreats at my house here in Malaga was alive and kicking.

My main celebrations in this post are focused on the offline successes because after 7 years building a fully online, location independent business, travelling full time, and then committing to a home base again, it feels like a big deal and one I’m really proud of.

Another comfort zone blasted through. 

It’s actually been a good year, it’s definitely stretched and challenged me, but I’ve risen to that challenge and I’m a better coach and mentor from all the fabulous experiences I’ve gone through.

Probably the biggest pat on the back I need to give myself is that I let go of the old Jo and fully stepped into the next version of me.

The one who has more experience, confidence and knowledge than I was giving myself credit for.  It was time to catch up to where I already was and stop running my business from past Jo’s energy.

(Kicking and screaming, tears, resistance and lots of wine all part of the process – obvs!).

The behind the scenes “real” talk

In 2019 I sort of fell out of love with my business (let’s be honest – it happens).  I felt a bit disconnected from my mission and that did not feel good at all.

I’ve been talking about the same things, in the same format for almost 5 years.

My lifestyle has changed A LOT since I started my business.  Freedom was always my main focus and having achieved that it felt like something was missing.  

Sometimes we have to let go of things to be able to fall back in love with what we teach.

I had lost that alive feeling my business used to bring me but I wasn’t brave enough to accept what needed to happen…until I was.

Letting go in order to grow

Closing my signature membership, the Wildly Successful Society was the bravest and most challenging thing I have had to do, not just in 2019, but in my business to date.

When you have led a group of 100+ amazing women for nearly 3 years it’s hard to process this decision.

Is my membership me playing small?

Does it really have to go?

When I finally accepted that it was me sitting in my comfort zone I decided that is NOT how I want to serve my clients.

That is not what I’m about. 

It had delivered on its purpose, to enable me to have the freedom to travel the world, and to arm 100’s of female entrepreneurs with my signature purposeful productivity framework…..and now it was time to move on.

I basically had to remove my safety blanket to see what I was made of in order for both myself, and my clients, to stop playing small!

I wrote more about why I closed my signature membership HERE. 

It wasn’t an easy decision and the whole experience showed me just how much I have grown as a business owner.  

Another reason why being surrounded by the right people is so important. I couldn’t see that the membership was stunting my business growth.  

Wowsers.  Business – you are the biggest personal development journey a girl could ask for! 

Acknowledging where I am

This has been the year I finally acknowledged I had outgrown my goals for my business.  Which required me to really step into a bigger vision for myself and my business. …and to stare my delf doubt and limiting beliefs directly in the eyes!

There comes a time when you have to let go in order to grow.

And that was me in 2019.

Letting go of the old Jo to make way for the new Jo, my future self, the Real Jo.

Whilst productivity is still a big part of my work, it’s just one part, and I am finally bringing all parts of me to my new signature offering, the Live Big Lab which feels really good.  

Who you surround yourself with matters

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”  – Jim Rohn

I’m pretty confident that I would not have closed the Wildly Successful Society if I hadn’t joined a Mastermind this year. I know a lot about online business, I’ve been successfully launching online programs, masterminds and memberships for over 3 years but still, I knew I needed to be surrounded by people who would shine a light on the stuff I couldn’t see.

Referring you back to my earlier journal entry:

“I trust I will get whatever it is I need to take my business to the next level”

Yep, I didn’t see that coming!

Every year I invest a lot of money in surrounding myself with the right people, its why the majority of my offerings are in a group format because what you get from the group is above and beyond what you get from working 1:1 with a coach.

The power of a group of women, on the same mission as you (to live BIG), is seriously what gets you to the next level.

My offerings are created around precisely what I have needed on my own journey.  I know exactly what my clients need.

Mindset is Everything

I realised (again) *sigh* that I was still the only thing getting in my way.  

2019 was the year I let this struggle go and I’m ending the year feeling like I have shed a layer of skin which makes me excited about heading into the new decade.  

The ‘I’m not good enough’ story just isn’t as vocal as it was at the start of the year – I know I’ll always be doing the inner work, and I know it’ll be back with a vengeance when I step out of my comfort zone again, yet I feel like I did a lot of releasing this year.

So bring it on 2020.

What does this mean for you? 

This year I realised that my value of connection was no longer being met and that’s why I wasn’t feeling aligned and energised around my business anymore.

Your values need to be considered when you’re growing your business and designing your life.  It’s not just ‘here’s a formula, follow it and you will succeed’.

Because business is personal.

I decided to really walk my talk this year, using my own framework, I got up close with what was and wasn’t working.

I got clearer on my mission, my strengths, what lights me up, what gets results, what feels good, what feels heavy, what I want my lifestyle to look like so my business can facilitate that – and that’s why I am feeling so confident heading into 2020.

I want you to be feeling as aligned, focused and on fire as I am.

I am so passionate about facilitating inspiring experiences for my clients that’s why I am able to keep growing.  My community are what keep me fired up to keep growing.  Because the more I grow the more they benefit.

Top Tip: Whenever you hit a roadblock or have a case of the “I’m not good enough’s” – focus on your clients.  Get stuck into being of service, supporting your people and in no time you will be back on track I promise.

It’s why I’ve refined my core offerings so that I’m no longer just giving my clients the tools to get this transformation, but I’m right there by their side doing it with them.

Ensuring that transformation happens in the right way for them.

No one size fits all.

It’s time to stop playing small…..

With years and many client success stories under my belt – I am excited about my business again.  

Having retired the Wildly Successful Society and the Live Big Mastermind, in 2020 all my attention will be on:

The Live Big Lab

The Lab is a mixture of masterminding, group coaching, 1:1 mentoring and structured support and accountability.

It’s where female entrepreneurs go to finally meet their goals. 

Enrolment has just reopened today and it’s by application only.  You can find more details by clicking HERE.

Final words

This year I experienced a lot of growth.  Growing pains included!

I honestly feel like I have shed a layer in the last few months.  The old Jo has gone, and the version that has replaced her is exciting me a lot.

I have achieved all my lifestyle goals for my business (and some new ones – hello new pad in Spain!) and it’s time for me to step into a bigger role in my business.  It’s no longer the lifestyle business it was intended to be, it’s screaming out to be so much more. And I’m ready now.

That’s what the Live Big Lab is about.  The place where female entrepreneurs go to live a BIG life, on their terms.

And it’s all about being supported to take consistent and focused action. Because that’s the game-changer.

I’m excited again.

Here’s to 2020, and don’t forget – you rock like a rocky thing!

Lots of love Jo “Big Life” Bendle (my nickname from my masterminders!!) x

PS Outrageous things I’m committing to in 2020:

  • Learning Spanish
  • Hosting my first (official) event. OMG.
  • Writing my book
  • Doubling my income

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