48 Lessons

From 48 Years of Living Life My Way

I didn’t end up choosing the path that society had set out for me.

I didn’t plan to NOT choose it either.

One of the things I am probably most proud of is that I always listened to ‘the nudge’ that I wanted more when it was time (I’m not saying there weren’t tears!).

Before I go off one one of my many tangents, here are 48 lessons + truth bombs I’ve learned from chasing and catching my dreams!

1. If the vision was impossible you never would have received it (so go for it – best use of your life ever!)

    2. Failure and success are on the same path, success is just further along but most people stop before they get to it (I heard that one from Susie Moore)

    3. Daily walks in nature (without your phone or anything in your ears) is a FREE ‘feel good hit’ every single time and is where most of my problems are solved and inspiration is received!

    4. Vague targets won’t get hit. Be honest about what you actually want and determined in your pursuit of getting it

    5. A person with health has a million dreams, a person without it has one (I heard that one from Jillian Michaels). Every week in my community we set our 7 day goals and I encourage everyone to set a personal goal too – it’s so easy when you’re trying to build your business to not prioritise wellness.

    6. Choose your hard.  Going after your dreams can be hard, so is stagnating, plodding and ignoring the fact you want more, I know which hard I am available for!

    7. This too shall pass – if you’re having a hard time remind yourself it truly will pass, unfortunately if you’re having a good time that won’t last either so enjoy the heck out of it!

    8. Gratitude really does make you feel better. Swap expectations for appreciation and notice what happens

    9. You are the problem AND you are the solution: This blew my mind when I first realised this. You have what you need to start being the solution at any given time. Decide when you’re ready and get the support you need to go for it

    10. Learning to rely on yourself instead of others will serve you well (it literally took me 48 years to learn this one and I’m still a work in progress, but doing better!)

    11. Non money goals will actually motivate you to make more money!

    12. Less really is more.  What do you need to say no to to create space for the YES’S?

    13. Music really can shift your whole mood in an instant

    14. Alone time is a skill that’s worth practicing

    15. Become a speedy decision maker and your life will change

    16. We are all unique so don’t compare your needs to someone else’s

    17. There isn’t a right way to build a business but your values matter more than you realise when picking a business model. Also if something doesn’t feel good, it’s probably a value that isn’t being met 🤯

    18. People will let you down, don’t make it personal, everyone has stuff going on

    19. You were not meant to fit in, stop trying to

    20. Freedom really does come from discipline (another one I had to learn the hard way!)

    21. Your current habits, thoughts and actions will determine what your life looks like in 3 months time. Up your game if you need to so your Future Self doesn’t suffer the consequences

    22. Don’t leave your mind unsupervised! It can not be trusted, your thoughts really are little lies your mind is telling you. Don’t believe everything your mind tells you

    23. Everyone feels not good enough in at least one area of their life. It’s not just you.

    24. Scrolling never ever makes you feel good – do less of it (or put a timer on for 5 minutes so an hour doesn’t pass)

    25. Helping others really goes feel good

    26. Removing the words “Sales” + “Marketing” made my business feel a whole lot easier to show up in

    27. You can build a business doing what you love, if you believe you can.  Authenticity trumps EVERYTHING (heard the saying ‘people buy from people”? It’s true. Be even more YOU)

    28. Limiting beliefs are extremely limiting, (thats why they are called that!), but you can change them using repetition

    29. Committing to a weekly date with yourself where you review all the things will make your life better and easier (click here for my free resource sharing my 5 step weekly review system)

    30. Not settling is really hard sometimes, it’s also amazing. Ride the ups and downs. They are part of the journey

    31. Self awareness is really uncomfortable but the first stage to change is seeing what isn’t working. Once you’ve seen it you will eventually get bored of your own BS and do something about it! Sometimes you have to wait until you get really bored of it before you can change it though! I recommend doing a super simple weekly review so you have the opportunity to get the awareness that will eventually lead to change (this is my simple 5 step weekly review system)

    32. You don’t always get what you want (and learning to trust there is a reason helps – I like to think it’s my Future Self looking out for me (and herself)!)

    33. Ditch the “should’s” they don’t lead to fulfilment

    34. Enjoy the journey! The journey is the point. Achieving your big goals can come as a bit of an anti climax if that’s the only thing you’re focused on (Yep learnt that one the hard way too)

    35. How you feel around people is the biggest indicator of whether you should spend more time with them – or not

    36. Remember – People on the internet are only showing you part of the story (don’t compare their “front stage” to your backstage!)

    37. It doesn’t matter how many times you fall “off the proverbial wagon” as long as you keep getting back on it 

    38. You CAN change.  I didn’t used to be someone I can rely on to do the things I say I will do, I am now because I kept practising without judgement when I “failed”

    39. You really are the author of your life.  Write a brilliant story that will make 80 year old you proud! (You have more contol over what comes next than you’re giving yourself credit for 😉)

    40. Your future self is relying on you.  Her life is dependent on your choices this month

    41. Identity Shifting is a really powerful strategy. You can decide to BE someone who shows up for what she wants. You have to keep choosing this version of you until it becomes habit. This is not easy and you will need a really strong why.

    42. Your fav humans won’t always be around – spend time with them whilst you can

    43. Setting myself goals to work towards has changed my life

    44. Not achieving goals has also changed my life (because it meant I wasn’t setting small goals but instead giving myself bigger things to work towards that literally required me to up my game when it came to my beliefs, thoughts, habits and actions)

    45. The routine and structure that I always used to avoid is what makes life so much easier now!

    46. You are meant to keep growing and evolving, humans thrive when they have something to work towards. But make sure everything you are working on has a ‘why’ attached to it so it has meaning because when you’re having a tough time you’re going to need that why to keep you keeping on!

    47. Life really is lived in seasons. Sometimes I am in ‘lets freakin do it’ mode and sometimes all I can do is put one foot in front of the other and know that this too shall pass. After winter (harder times) comes spring!

    48. Give your mind a BIG GOAL to work towards to keep it out of trouble!

    I realised that when I have big goals to work towards I show up differently.  I become the scientist, figuring out how I can get there.  I try things. I test things.  I get busy trying.

    When I haven’t got something juicy to work towards my mind just throws punches at me constantly telling me I’m not good enough.

    Top Tip: Give your mind something to work on so you get less punches!

    As I turned 48, I realised I’ve still been hanging out a bit in this “post pandemic hangover”. The nudge for MORE is back.

    I absolutely believe that we are all #meantformore and that we didn’t come this far to only come THIS FAR. To get myself out of the post pandemic funk I have decided to give 48 year old Jo a brand new mission to get her teeth into.

    Here it is:

    I’m on a mission to help 100 people achieve their BIG DREAM this year using the Meant for More® Method….

    The question is. Are you one of them?

    If you have a big dream and would like my support in making it happen then click here to schedule an informal chat about working together.

    Love Jo x

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