Why waiting for Clarity is holding you back

Waiting for clarity is holding you back.

Everyone I know is looking for more clarity and I get it, I’ve been that person too.

And what I’ve learned on my own journey of setting big dreams and achieving them is that the how ONLY becomes clearer when we look backward at how we got there!

I didn’t know all the steps that would get me to where I am now. At times, I didn’t know where I was heading at all, but I just kept trusting every step I took would bring me closer and closer to where I was meant to be.

And it did.

And that is why I am, and always have been, a massive advocate for action-taking and setting goals. 

You’ll meet clarity on the way.

That’s how you get clarity.  You take action!

I know wildly uncomfortable right?!

Clarity literally comes from action.

Clarity comes from trying things, from asking questions, from giving something a go and learning what worked and didn’t work.

You’ll find clarity by taking imperfect, messy, and uncomfortable action.

I know it’s not want you wanted to hear!

As a business owner, it’s natural to want to have a clear vision and plan for your business. However, it’s important to remember that clarity comes through taking action and learning from experience, rather than waiting for the perfect moment, solution or plan to present itself.

It’s easy to get caught up in seeking the perfect solution or plan, but the truth is, there is no such thing as a “perfect plan”. The only way to truly know if something will work is to try it and see!

Waiting for clarity is holding you back and it’s keeping you stuck in procrastination and perfectionism.

So instead of waiting for clarity, take action!

You will learn what works and what doesn’t work.

It’s important to remember that there is no one right way to do things. The key is to be flexible and open to trying new things. Remember, it’s not about having all the answers or perfect plans, it’s about making progress and learning as you go.

The more you take action, the more you will learn, the more progress you will make, and the quicker you will get clarity!!

By not waiting for clarity, incredible things have happened in my life. If I’d waited for clarity to come, I’m sure my life would look and feel very, very different right now. 

I might still be an Executive Assistant sitting in commuter traffic twice a day. OMG.

My main goal, was, and still is, freedom.

Location freedom and financial freedom. The freedom to choose when, how, and with whom I work. As someone who’s always loved traveling, it’s felt incredibly motivating to dream about a life where I could earn money doing what I love and travel as and when I desired.

That helped me get out of my own way and do the things that felt scary because I had this incredible lifestyle I was working towards. I had that goal that I was determined to reach.

That freedom lifestyle has been my reality for the last eight years, because…… 

….I didn’t wait for clarity!

At the end of the day, when the going gets tough, which we all know it will, you’ve got to have something deep inside to dig for to make it worthwhile. Every single step took me somewhere, giving me more clarity on what my next step was going to be.

Noticing what worked, and what didn’t work.  

Noticing what felt energising, versus what felt draining.  

All of this gave me more and more clarity on my next steps.

Along the way, I surpassed all of my original dreams. I was traveling the world speaking on international stages, hiring apartments in Australia, and hosting 1:1 VIP days and retreats for my coaching clients.

When you commit to transforming your life and growing your business, you commit to getting very uncomfortable over and over again. You’ve got to get comfortable being uncomfortable…..

which means taking action without having all the answers.

Yes, it takes courage, but isn’t it better to feel a bit uncomfortable, instead of sitting still, feeling stagnant, waiting for clarity to land? 

Please don’t wait any longer for clarity. Get dreaming big, use that to fire you into action, and know that clarity comes from taking action. 

And action will take you places you can’t even imagine, but you have to take it!

You’ve got this. You’re capable, worthy, and absolutely meant for more. Be the type of woman who gives herself all that she desires, and some!

Love Jo x

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