It’s time to get your 90-day planning on!


Wow 90 days been and gone already!

This week I hosted two online workshops where I took my Wildly Successful Society members through the 90-day planning process (two because there are sooo many timezones I need to cover – it’s truly international in there I love it.  (We even had someone join who was using the wifi available on her flight!).  

It’s powerful doing your planning in a group not only because it’s more fun but – because it actually gets done!

Today I wanted to share my 90-day planning process with you so that you can head into the next quarter fully prepped and more importantly excited about what you are going to achieve.

Everyone left the workshops this week totally fired up about the next quarter – it’s such a good feeling knowing you have a plan that will ensure that you reach the end of the week, month and quarter feeling accomplished.

As it’s my job to make all this stuff super simple for you – I’m sharing the 3 simple steps I take every 90 days to keep me moving towards my goals, dreams and desires.

Schedule some time in your diary over the next few days to take yourself through the following process:

Step 1 – Reflect, Review and Release

Reflect on your last 90 days.  It’s really important not to skip over this step as what it will do is allow you to shift from thinking you didn’t have a really productive quarter to realising just how much you achieved.  

THAT is the place you want to be planning your next quarter from!

Here are the journaling questions I suggest you take 15 minutes to answer:

Question 1: Reflect on the last 90 days:

  • What amazing things have you achieved?
  • What went particularly well?  
  • What do you want to celebrate? 

Celebrating your achievements, no matter how small will set you up for planning out your next 90 days perfectly. So go on, this is your chance to really pat yourself on the back for any and all achievements.

Like I say, it doesn’t matter how small they are either, this is about lifting your vibration for step 2.

Question 2: What did you want to achieve but didn’t?  Be honest, why didn’t you? (self-awareness is super powerful and this information is GOLD)

Question 3: How did you limit yourself in the last 90 days and how can you stop that from happening in the next 90 day period?

Question 4: What challenges did you face?  What have been your biggest frustrations?

Question 5: How much revenue did you bring in?  How do you feel about this figure?

Step 2 – Setting my Wildly Exciting 90-Day Goals

Firstly take some deep breaths and visualise where you want to be by the end of the year.  This will help you start thinking strategically when setting your 90-day goals.  Making sure they are the RIGHT goals to get you a few steps closer to that beautiful end of year visual.

Now brainstorm all the potential goals you could achieve for this next quarter.  Just get it all out of your mind with no censors.  What would you love to have accomplished by the end of the 90 days?

What would feel AMAZING to achieve?

Now we want to turn that braindump into our quarterly goals.

What goals will you commit to in Month 1?

What goals will you commit to in Month 2?

What goals will you commit to in Month 3?


Step 3 – Monthly Planning

Now in order to make these goals happen, effortlessly, we need to come up with an action plan.  

I want you to hit the 1st of the month with a clear plan for what you need to do and why.

No decisions to be made about what tasks to tackle first, you just look at your action plan and you tackle the first thing.  Make it easy for yourself.

So grab your goals for Month 1 and take each one through the following process:

  • Write the goal in the present tense as if it has already happened for example “It’s the 30th April and I have……”


  • Why?  Write out a statement – why do you want to achieve this goal?  This will help you know for sure whether it is the right goal and is also a powerful reminder at any time over the following month that you start to procrastinate (hey I know – it happens to the best of us!), you can revisit this why statement to get you back in the zone.  “OH YES, THAT’S why this is my priority!”


  • Identify a reward – I also like to identify a reward for my goals, something I wouldn’t usually do – even if it’s just an afternoon curled up with a book.   It is sooo important to celebrate our wins because success builds momentum and if you focus on your wins, you are inviting more of those wins in.


  • Break your goal into weekly goals.  Instead of looking at a goal and not knowing where to start I like to break mine down into weekly goals – these are what become my weekly goals for the month ahead.  I always know what my focus is for the next days and this feels achievable.

Each week I just have to focus on that week’s goals and if I do that every single week I will end the month having accomplished my goal without getting overwhelmed by the size of it.


Your #7DayGoals will be identified by your Monthly Goals.  When I set a monthly goal I always then break that goal into 4 weekly goals.

This is how I easily achieve my monthly goals and my 90-day goals – by focusing on an achievable weekly goal, one week at a time.

Schedule in a monthly review at the end of the month to check in on your plan, reflect, review and plan out your weekly goals for the month ahead.

Let me know how you get on and don’t limit yourself by what you think you are capable of achieving #livebig my fabulous friend.

Here’s to a wildly successful 90 days,

Love Jo x

P.S Not sure how to know if you are focusing on the right Goals?

Ask yourself the following questions when clarifying your goals for the next 90 days:

– Is this goal moving me closer, or further away from my yearly goals? Be honest.

– Is there something more important that needs doing?  I.e. is this just a nice fun project I want to complete maybe because I am avoiding doing something I know would take me closer to my bigger goals?!?

– Is this the best use of my time right now?


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