Where goal setting gets it massively wrong

When I started my business back in 2012 the marketing message back then was to earn “5k months” or achieve your first “6 figure year”.

Now all the marketing seems to have changed to 7 and even 8 figure years, or a 6 figure launch as THE goal.

The truth is – I’ve have never set an income goal that motivated me to do the work

We have to stop working towards “other people’s” goals because if you don’t have the inner fire inside of you to achieve that goal it’s going to be hard when procrastination strikes.

I have achieved income goals that I am ridiculously proud of but I got there a different way and that’s what I want to share with you today.

Most of us are not directly motivated by money.

The money goal doesn’t get us up in the morning……but what the money is for, yeah that does something!

My very first “big” goal for my business was to build a location independent business that would allow me to work from anywhere in the world.

I ended up living out of a suitcase as a “digital nomad” travelling the world with my laptop for 3 years before buying my home in Spain.

I had such a DESIRE for that goal that nothing was going to stop me.

And guess what – in the process, I achieved my money goals too.

Imagine a post-it note on your desk that you see every day. It’s your current “big” goal.

Is “earn 6 figures” going to shift something inside you?

….or is “pay off my mortgage” more likely to get you out of bed and doing the tasks you keep avoiding??!

Wording your goals in a way that means something to YOU is how you achieve incredible things in your business.

Don’t get caught up in all the marketing madness because most people aren’t directly driven by money.

It’s what the money brings that gets us into action mode.

If you set a goal you think you “should” work towards then you’re doing it wrong.

I remember back in my 20’s before I even had my business – the thing that motivated me to save money was that I never wanted to have to say no to something because I couldn’t afford it.

That still works for me now.

Imagine how gutted I would be if my biz bestie said – let’s book a week in a luxury hotel and mastermind together in Hawaii and I had to say:

“Sounds amazing – but I can’t afford it”

That is the shizzle that motivates me to get to work. This is what motivates me to work through the blocks and the stories and the excuses.

That is the kind of goal that sets me up for success.

What stirs something inside of you?

Is it to be mortgage free?

Or to take August off and whisk the whole family away no expense spared?

Or to work 3 days a week?

Or to own your own house.

Maybe right now it’s to be able to afford a cleaner.

You have to attach your goals to desires that really mean something to you – this is part of the #meantformore methodology because it’s had such an impact on my own success.

It’s hard building a business. Showing up when it feels like the results aren’t coming or that no one is watching.

If you’re doing it for the wrong reasons you’ll want to give up.

In 8.5 years in business I have never, hand on heart, thought to myself, I can’t do this I want to quit.

Because I have always had meaningful goals that keep me in the game.

Be honest…are your current goals “should” goals or other people’s goals?

If so, this may be what’s keeping you from hitting your financial goals.

I hope this helps.

Love Jo xx

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