The moment everything changed for me

My life can be divided into two parts: Before turning pro, and after.

Ok, I’m paraphrasing Steven Pressfield here but I’m with him.

When I first started my business I had one goal: FREEDOM.

I managed to make just enough money to be able to travel the world with my laptop (my original “dream”). I had heaps of free time, but truthfully, I didn’t really have financial freedom, because I was quite honestly winging it when it came to “doing the work”.

It’s easy to spend a few hours hanging out in FB groups telling yourself you showed up today!

I remember having a lightbulb moment somewhere on the other side of the world: There is no point in having all this time freedom if I don’t also have financial freedom.

It was time to “turn pro”.

This means start taking action on the things that will actually create a profitable business.

It means having a system for getting the right stuff done.

It means no longer showing up as the amateur.

And it worked.

I started taking my role seriously.

Instead of a digital nomad. I saw myself as a business owner.

I implemented weekly CEO dates (I teach about these in my productivity course Get Productive).

And I learnt through trial and error that the productivity tools don’t work without the mindset tools (because we procrastinate for a reason).

Are you ready to step into “pro” mode?

I want to help you change your life. I want to help you step into that “more” you know you are destined for.

Getting the awareness around what’s in the way of you earning more – and living more.

This is your call forward. To learn the tools that will not only get you focused but also stop you from being the only thing standing in your way.

Check out Get Productive HERE!

It’s time to take this seriously – no more winging it!

Love Jo x

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