Have you got a Happiness Jar?

In all honesty I am not entirely sure where I get this idea from so can’t actually source it but anyhow this is my version of the ‘Happiness Jar’ and it’s something I constantly share with my clients and get great feedback from – so I thought it was time this little tool got its own blog post.

This entrepreneurial journey isn’t always easy, some of us are regularly struck with self-doubt and we all have days that just don’t go to plan – here enters the ‘Happiness Jar’.

This is really simple – anytime anyone says anything nice about you, you just write it on a piece of paper, fold it up and pop it in your Happiness Jar.  If you get an awesome testimonial from a client – pop it in the jar, if someone just tells you ‘you rock’ add it to the jar.

I always compare being an entrepreneur to being on a roller coaster, we have ups and downs, and the truth is we always will have ups and downs – each new level we get to will bring more self-limiting thoughts for us to battle our way through which it’s why it’s important to have an army of tools and techniques to turn to when the going gets tough.

Basically the idea is to reduce the time we spend doubting ourselves by hitting the Happiness Jar as and when a confidence boost is required.

Turn that bad day around quick smart and get on with empire building instead of worrying.

If you’re on a current ‘high’ then you might think, hey I love the idea of this Happiness Jar but I feel great right now so I don’t need it – and then you don’t create it.  But this is the time to do it – whilst you’re feeling fab so that it’s up and running when the dreaded mind monkey’s strike!

You might just find yourself really tired one day so you decide to beat yourself up about your lack of progress – THAT’S when this jar comes alive and works its wonderful magic!

It’s also great to read through these comments before you’re about to do something that’s pushing you out of your comfort zone, top up the feel good levels, remind yourself how freakin fab you are at helping others and then go do that scary but exciting ‘thing’.

Now that I’m currently a ‘digital nomad’ the Happiness Jar has been replaced with a ‘LOVE’ folder on my laptop so I still collate all the love notes, fab comments etc and these get re-read when the going gets tough or if I need a pick me up, a confidence boost or to change my mood.

Talk about feel good factor! You should try it.

How to keep a Happiness Jar in 3 simple steps

Step 1 – Find a beautiful glass jar and some small scraps of paper

It might be a beautiful clear jar, or a ceramic bowl – it really doesn’t matter what you use.

Step 2 – Have small pieces of paper ready to write your notes on and whenever you receive a compliment, get a fabaroonie testimonial, or someone just told you ‘You ROCK like a rocky thing’, write it on a note, fold or roll it up and pop it in your jar.

Step 3 – Read the messages when you need a pick me up or life gets a little challenging. This is the best bit as it can completely turn around how you’re feeling.

Another powerful but simple tool to add to your empire building tool box! Send me a picture of yours when you’ve created it!


Here’s what my client Rachel had to say recently which inspired me to write this blog post:

‘Just spent a little time reading my Jo Bendle inspired “LOVE” list, feeling so grateful and excited after reading all of the nice things my clients and friends have said – I highly recommend this practice!’ 

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