How tomatoes can make you way more productive

I’m often found ‘experimenting’ with different strategies to help me be more productive and one that my group coaching program are finding super duper for getting stuff done is the Pomodoro Technique.  We have been having virtual co-working sessions using this technique and everyone is amazed at how much they can get done.  #Accountability

I use this technique, which I have lovingly named ‘THE POM’, when I have cleared a working block in my schedule and I really need to plough through work.

It’s also FABULOUS for those tasks that you have been putting off forever to just smash them out. This week two ladies have sent a newsletter to their list for the first time in months by using our co-working Pom sessions. So powerful.

I also have clients who use the technique to get their house tidy!

The concept of this technique is simple and all you need is your phone for the timer, yes there are apps but totally not a necessity (using Einstein’s famous line):

“Make everything as simple as possible but no simpler” Einstein


  • Pick a task you want to get done.
  • Set a timer for 25 minutes (a Pomodoro interval or Pom if you’re me).
  • Focus on that task – and only that task – until the timer goes off (have emails, FB etc all closed down – this is about eliminating distractions and focusing on ONE thing).
  • When the timer goes off, take a 5-minute break, and actually stop working.  It’s scientifically proven that taking a “brain break” makes you more productive for your next Pom session
  • After the break, start your next 25-minute Pomodoro (you can continue on the same task, or pick a new one if that one is finito).
  • After 4 Pomodoro intervals, take a longer break (usually 15-30 minutes) and do something enjoyable away from your computer.

It’s basically interval training but for your To-Do list! How fab is that!

And the good thing is it makes you really aware of distractions that pop up in your day.  If you get a lot of phone calls then I recommend putting your phone to silent whilst working in a Pomodoro session.  On your break have a think about how many distractions you experienced in your last 25 mins and then understand how your weeks can end without you achieving everything you had planned.

We have no idea how easily distracted we are until we monitor it.

I’m a big fan of this technique and everyone that starts to use it has great results.

I find it helpful for focusing on one task that I keep putting off, and also for making myself do some of the mundane tasks in my business and also getting started on something.  As often getting started is the hard part and once you do that the rest flows.

I also think the breaks are really important and I have to show a bit of tough love on our live co-working pom sessions because my ladies are telling me ‘I am in the flow and going to keep going’.  I get it – entrepreneurs have a hard time stopping!

I’d love to know, how do you best manage that list of things that need to be done?  Also, I’m curious, how do you know what thing on your To-Do list to tackle next??!

Oh and this took me ONE Pomodoro session to write…because #superfocused!

Love Jo x


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