This is keeping you broke, overwhelmed and unfocused

And what I mean by ‘this’ is your love of freebies, and opt in’s…and that online training you just put your name down for!

If I called you an ‘Opt In Junkie’ would I be right??!?

Seriously it’s keeping you from moving forwards, earning more money and reaching your full potential.

Here’s a question for you:

Have you been in a group program and now you’re beating yourself up doing the comparison game as you haven’t made the progress others have made in the same program??

And are you wondering why you are not getting the results that others are?  

Guess what?  Everyone who is not getting the results knows deep down that they are NOT implementing what they have learnt.

The single biggest thing that you could do for you and your business this week is to IMPLEMENT what you already know.

Taking focused action and implementing what you know is what will up-level your business, increase your income AND ensure you have a thriving business and not just an average one. (Urgh there’s that ‘average’ word again.  It really triggers me, does it do the same to you?!).

So listen up fabulous one.

You do not need another freebie, online course or webinar!  You have to leave the safe ‘learning’ zone and move into the ‘action’ zone right now.

That’s where the magic happens.  Yes it’s scary but not as scary as what will happen if you stay being an ‘opt in junkie’!

I feel like this is turning into a good old rant but it’s so important to get this message across.  I get it, this building our empires malarkey is full on!

But the people who manage to get a lot done each day, week, month and year aren’t anything special, they don’t have more time than you, but what they have done differently is master the simple habits that allow them to succeed.  Effortlessly.

They consistently take action and don’t focus on what everyone else is doing.

They are not signed up to every single newsletter and webinar.  They are focused on their OWN game. And they say the NO word a lot more than you.

Pls put yourself on a learning and opt in diet this week.  No more new freebie’s or paid courses for the next 14 days.

Let’s see what THAT does to your business.

It’s time to play your own game, step into your authentic shoes and stop watching what everyone else is doing.

The more you do that the more you will see massive results.

Sometimes it’s the implementation you need to make a priority rather than signing up for the next program or yet another FREEBIE.  

Stop looking for the Golden Ticket…and start taking focused action. It’s game changing.

So my advice – stop with the learning, and the signing up for yet another freebie that will likely sit in your inbox unread and making you feel guilty for not getting to everything. 

This is what is keeping you overwhelmed and playing it small.

Anyhow let’s be honest, have you even got time to do another online program??!

Over and out….but before I go, did this hit a nerve, are YOU the opt-in junkie I am talking about??!

It’s ok I forgive you,

Love Jo x



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