Permission to kick butt

Hi lovely lady

I had some internet free time recently (trapped on a delayed flight going nowhere fast!) and it got me thinking.

All the experimenting I have done over the last 5 years (wowsers – 5 years in biz what a journey THAT’S been), but yeah all that experimenting means that I am really clear how to get my clients results – and what I most enjoy delivering.

So as my business heads off on its next adventure I’m feeling excited about where it’s heading.  I have lots of clarity now. (Side note: I spent a LOT of time without clarity too – its something that comes from action!).

The lesson I wanted to share with you today is something you have heard me talk about again and again, but I believe we all need reminding.

It’s that thing called #imperfectaction.

I just want to hand this scruffy little permission slip to you to say it’s safe for you to experiment, take imperfect action and try things out – it’s ok to not know what the end game looks like, because that is the only way you will get closer to what it is you are truly meant to be doing.

My business looks VERY different to the way it did 5 years ago and that’s down to one thing:

I decided a few years ago that #imperfectaction was going to be my new business mantra. 

I have 100% embraced it and we would not be having this exchange right now if I hadn’t adopted that mindset.

I showed up, I made mistakes, I didn’t break anything or lose any friends or clients instead everything grew.

So go for it, you have everything you need.

Take the knowledge you have, and the strategies you have learned and keep layering in those habits, and please know that I am here for you if you need anything.

Honestly – it’s super powerful what happens when you get out of your own way.

Promise me this –  in the next 7 days you’ll do something scary, go take some imperfect action and let me know what positive impact it has on your business and your life!

Big, massive love my friend, you have so got this,

Jo xx

PS If you want to read more about my 5 years in business and what that’s looked like read THIS blog post for all the details!


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