Today was a ‘PINCH YOURSELF’ Day!


Today was what I’m calling a “pinch yourself” day. This is exactly what happened:

– 08.00 I went for a run along the promenade

– 10.00 Quick chat with a team member about my webinar happening next week

– 10.30 Had an online coaching call with a client, she came to the session saying she felt stuck and left with a plan that lit her up.

– 12.00 Had an in-person coaching session where one of my clients came for a 90 minute Intensive at my house.

It was awesome. Lots of business strategy chats that got her completely back on track and fired up again. (I don’t get enough in-person action so if you fancy a VIP day in Malaga, Spain let me know. I’ve done quite a few and they are transformational).

– 14.30 Decided to head to the beach for some dreaming big time (it’s gorgeous weather here in Malaga at the moment).

That’s when my pinch yourself thought happened.

I have been VERY intentional about creating this life for myself. But I have to admit, it’s been my normal life for quite a few years now (4 actually), so I kind of forget this is what I dreamt of.

Being able to head to the beach in the afternoon because you’re on track with your weekly goals.

Asana has my back!

And……this is the juicy bit.

I jumped on a FB Live straight away into The Lab for their mid-month progress check-in and said…..

Are your goals leading you directly to more Pinch Yourself days???

OMG – seriously what a realisation.

If you want more pinch yourself days start setting the goals that will create them!

My goals have intentionally got me here.

I’m not lucky.

I was super intentional about what I wanted my life to look like.

I set goals that would eventually lead to pinch yourself days being my NORMAL!!

Hope the pinch yourself message hit home,

Big love
Jo xx

PS If your goals are not taking you in the direction of pinch yourself days then it’s time for a reset.  We didn’t start our businesses to work harder and earn less!

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