How To Reclaim Your Time

Hi You, Have you ever got to the end of the day and wondered what the hell happened to the last 8 hours??

I definitely have – I’ve also got to the end of the week wondering where that went too.  Not fun.

When it comes to your time it’s incredible how well we can waste it – which is why I find this re-focusing exercise a good one to get you back on the productivity wagon.

Re-Focusing Exercise for gaining back HOURS

Step 1: Set your alarm on your phone to go off every hour, on the hour

Step 2: When you hear the alarm, stop, take a deep breath and ask yourself:

“Have I spent the last hour focusing on the RIGHT tasks?”

“Did I get distracted?”

Bringing that level of awareness to how you spend your time is going to literally blow your mind.

I’m going to suggest you do this hourly “re-focus” exercise for ONE DAY so that you can start to see why you often get to the end of the day (and week) not feeling accomplished.

Prepare to be surprised.

Worst case scenario you take 60 seconds throughout the day and get a whole heap of awareness.  You can do a lot with that awareness – like gain 5 hours in your week!

Let me know what you uncover – I’m betting you’ll be very surprised at how often you have NOT had a productive, focused hour.

Self-awareness rocks.  (Super confronting as it is!).

Love Jo x

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