Take The Scenic Route!

Toll road or scenic. Which are you? If you only focus on arriving at “goal achieved”, then you are missing out on so much joy.

Know where you are heading and then get fully focused on loving the heck out of getting there! That’s my motto.

That’s what’s missing from so many people’s “roadmap”. A few scenic routes to break the journey up and create some epic memories enroute.

I fully believe that we are supposed to enjoy the process of building a business. If we only focus on “when I’ve earned this much”, or ‘when I’ve achieved X’, we are missing out on a huge part of the experience.

I have loved the last ten years.
Did I wish some of it would have happened faster? Yes!

But my goal was always to create a business that afforded me a lifestyle – I was busy focusing on living too.

It’s why I became known for productivity tools – because I needed a way to have both the business AND the life.

Life did NOT go on hold whilst I built my business, in-fact I lived even more because it gave me the freedom to travel 🌎

Take more scenic route detours, yes it might add on a few more miles, but think about how much fun it will be!!

Are you a Toll Roads person to get there faster, or are you enjoying the scenic routes??

I am totally a scenic route gal – I remember camper van’ing around New Zealand and our fav thing was to hang a right and see where it took us!

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