You've been THIS CLOSE to your business 'taking off' for way too long


With clients on the books, you have what it takes to make this thing rock... if only you could kick procrastination, doubt, and overwhelm to the curb.

Girl, I feel ya.

You need a step-by-step game plan so you know exactly how to grow your business fast - AND a fun, supportive private community of women Living Big to keep you focused, accountable, and on track.

And DIRECT access to me, Jo Bendle, in your corner, guiding you every step of the way.

Let’s do this. (And by “this” I mean make your vision board #goals a reality and grow a profitable business on your terms!)

HCBC 2019- (7)

 You love serving your clients - you just wish there were more of them (well the perfect ones!)

By the end of the day you’re pretty wiped, since you’re juggling ALL the roles in your business. Even though you’re doing a lot, that to-do list never gets done.

And maaaaaybe perfectionism has a LITTLE something to do with it, as you update your website for the 78th time.

If you know you’re meant to serve clients in a bigger, more meaningful, *cough more profitable cough* way…

Keep on reading.

In just a few months, you could look back on today and realize this was the moment it all changed. If having your calendar booked with dream clients you LOVE working with and taking Fridays off sounds good, you’re in good company.

I’ve helped countless entrepreneurs do just that, and I want to help you too.

Because I bet you’re over cringing at the dreaded question:

“How’s business going?”

Ugh. If only you could get outta your own way already.

After helping so many smart and driven client-focused entrepreneurs, I know

The #1 thing that stops your business from growing (and what to do about it)

We distract ourselves with busywork so we feel like we’re making progress - but it’s unproductive work which doesn’t drive our business forward.

This shows up like working hard all day, with nothing to show for it...

Having a Dropbox folder with a handful of half-finished lead magnets…

Getting fired up with a “great idea” for a couple days ‘till your motivation fizzles and you talk yourself out of it…

Sound familiar?

See, most of us do it backwards.

You want more clients, but you’re so busy doing unprofitable and unproductive stuff that you don’t have space in your business to serve them.

What message does this send to the universe?

Instead, you need a strategy so you get more done in less time.

Then you have SPACE in your day to take clients.

Or hit the spa.

Or hang with the fam.

Serving more clients you love means making more money - so you can work less while earning more.

This subtle shift in your business changes EVERYTHING.

And yes, this is possible for you

No matter if you just got your first few paying clients, or you’ve slowly been growing your business for years.

Maybe you’re over-freaking-whelmed with all the strategies, tools, and don’t even mention those shiny objects.

If you’re anything like me, you might’ve spent good time and money on them!

Maybe you were following so-and-so’s “golden ticket business formula”, but fell off the bandwagon because it was building the wrong kind of business that doesn’t even align with what you want YOUR life and biz to look like.


Instead, you need a step-by-step plan to grow a business that lets you live on your terms....


Live Big Lab

Design a business AND life you love with this personalized 90-day accelerator

It's time to get inside The Lab and start experimenting, because THAT'S how profitable businesses are built.  ACTION is the game-changer.

To you and me, business is more than just "business as usual.''

It’s about creating real change in our client’s lives.

It’s about seeing transformation and knowing you played a pivotal role in that success.

You want to do work that ‘fills your cup’ and fills your wallet.

To do that, you have to silence the doubts and stop friggin’ procrastinating on the things you ALREADY know you should do. (Amiright?)

The Lab is where support meets implementation, so you get the confidence AND space to take action.

This is the clear, direct path to making every hour you work more profitable. Shave off HOURS of ‘busywork’ each day so you’ve got more time to spend ‘in the zone’ doing work you love with clients that light you up.

And start living big NOW.

You get...

Personalized support

I’m going to get all up in your business (literally).  

I’m here for you, from our very first kickoff call to daily support, we craft a personalized and strategic plan so you reach your goals.


This will be your fav place to hang out on the internet.

Surround yourself with the right people, our small tight-knit group are at the right level for you, and give the right advice exactly when you need it.

Things done

We both know you DON’T need another course.

Instead, you’ll do what moves the needle. We’ll take your action plan and break it into doable steps, AND I’ll hold you accountable to get ‘er done.

What people say about working with me

“Undoubtedly the best return on investment”

Helen Iwata

“At last, I no longer feel “I don’t have enough time. I’ve got to do more.” I’m getting more of the important things done and having a lot more fun.

Jo immediately comes across as a friend who you can trust. At the same time, she’s an outstanding coach (and I’ve worked with numerous coaches, so have plenty of reference points).

Jo listens and questions to help members have realizations. She’s supportive when members are struggling and is a cheerleader in celebrating our successes.

Wow, what a difference [this] has made in my life!”

Helen Iwata

Stop doing lots of work, without a lot to show for it

Start doing the LITTLE things that get BIG results


After 7 years helping entrepreneurs, plus my own trial and error whilst designing a business that actually aligned to my lifestyle goals (hello travelling the world with my laptop), I know the magic happens when you get focused.

Let’s face it, you DON’T need another course. That’s why the Lab isn’t about consuming more information, it’s about producing profitable results in your business. 🙌

This is the place to pull on your leggings, whip out a #messyhairdontcare bun, and drink a cup of bulletproof coffee while doing work that seriously moves the needle in your business. #heckyes!

Get out of your own way with the ‘Mindset Mastery Method’

Then use my 'Really Productive Month System' to always know exactly what to focus on every day.

.....and just watch what happens when you do this for 90-days.

Live Big Lab is a trifecta of the 3 most powerful forces in business development:

1:1 Mentoring

Group Coaching

Intimate Mastermind

Here’s what you get...

When you join

Personalized game plan

Our private Kickoff Call is with just you and me, baby.  

When was the last time you had someone deep-dive in your business and be there for you every step of the way - for months on end?  Maybe never?  

Or maybe you joined pricy programs where ‘the face’ of the business shows up once a month for a Facebook Live.  This is different. I’m REALLY here for you.  

Connection is one of my highest values, and there’s nothing I love more than supporting service-minded women with big lifestyle dreams.

Let’s get real about what you want your life and biz to look like, and create a strategic plan of action to get you there.

This is my secret superpower - in just 1 conversation, I'll zero in and lay out the EXACT steps to your success.  Chart your course and start LIVING BIG on your terms.

Every day

Speed Dial Support

You have the hotline direct to me.

I answer Voxer messages daily during the week. No waiting for a weekly or monthly call for support - get your answer, get unstuck, and get back on track.

Private community

“You’re the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with” so if you’re ready to get ahead, you can’t surround yourself with ‘average’.

You need REAL relationships (not just ‘a network’ because, ew) with powerful women who lift you up and are THERE for you.

In the Lab you get a sisterhood of handpicked people who are perfect for you. We’re go-getters, high-vibers, dreamers AND doers. And that leads me to what you get...

Every week

Mini Masterminds

You started an online business for the freedom - but who would’ve guessed it could be so freakin’ lonely?

Get out of your head (hello fellow over thinker!) and in touch with a supportive group of women who are just as determined to #livebig as you are.

Got an idea to bounce off of people who get it? Your sisters are here for ya. (Because your husband isn’t always the best person to brainstorm with!)

Masterminds have changed my life, from talking me through ugly-cry moments (that’s just business!) to being there to celebrate my biggest wins.

Honest feedback, advice, and support from your mastermind gals is just a message away.


No more hiding!

I (lovingly) call you out if you’re not showing up for yourself and getting things done. Taking action on the right things is the missing ingredient to creating the life on your vision board.

I keep you focused and on track with my 1-on-1 weekly accountability process.

Laser coaching calls

On our weekly group calls you get laser-focused coaching and hot seats to get your burning questions answered.

Fastrack your success by not just getting your questions answered, but by getting an inside glimpse inside each other’s businesses.

The insights you walk away with from this ‘behind the curtain’ look at other successful businesses can spark your next greatest idea.

Every month

Success Sprints

Our monthly challenges get you out of your comfort zone and making massive headway.

Oh, and did you say prizes? Yup, as if making REAL traction in your business wasn’t enough, I’ll reward you for stepping up and putting yourself out there.

Live Workshop

Set your goals and intentions each month with a LIVE, interactive planning and goal setting workshop. Reflect and review what worked in the last month and plan for the next so you stay on track with your #livebig goal.

By the end of the session you’ll have your entire month and week by week plan mapped out in the accompanying workbook.

You’ll no longer have to decide what to focus on next because it’s all planned out and you won’t have to waste time making decisions about where to focus your attention.

Get It Done Sessions

Knock off everything on your to-do list with our monthly virtual co-working sessions.

Stay motivated and high-vibe while working with your Lab sisters who live all over the world - right from your own laptop.

Get a swift dose of accountability and #dothethings which strategically grow your business (no procrastinating and shuffling off to the kitchen with a case of ‘business munchies’).

I'm ready for you!

There's no commitment in applying.

I tripled my income while working half the time

My speciality is cutting out 80% of the ‘busy work’ and creating streamlined processes which are oriented around you reaching YOUR goals. (No "should" goals allowed).

You don’t need someone else’s ‘formula’ which makes you feel like you’re trying to squeeze your foot into a shoe that’s 3 sizes too small.

I get it - you’re working SO damn hard already.  

And it’s kinda working.

The money’s there… but it should be more.

You should be out there living your dream life… instead of being chained to your MacBook.

My clients enjoy results like these...

12 members in her new membership AND 11 private clients


“I finally feel supported in my business, energized and productive, but mostly I feel in control of my business and more and more in my personal life too. I now have clear goals and a lot of energy to achieve them.

I’m finally being consistent in my business. I’ve created a new website, grown my FB group, offered my tribe a free challenge, had the courage to do FB live videos, written a weekly newsletter (and sent it haha), prepared and launched my new membership website and had 12 members join within 24 hours and I’ve attracted 11 new 1-on-1 clients.”

Eefje Verhagen


Get access to the BONUS Vault

Valued at over $997, the Vault is your one-stop-shop for courses and business masterclasses created by myself and other experts in systems, processes and mindset.

Here’s a sneak peek…

  • Knock off 10 hours a week by implementing my battle-tested Really Productive Month System
  • Outsourcing 101 - Ever wished you had more hours in the day? See how to ‘copy-and-paste’ yourself with this step-by-step plan to outsourcing #likaboss (because you ARE!)
  • Get your systems on autopilot with system expert Amy Mitchell’s “Asana Accelerator”
  • Processes and Procedures - Dive into my simple process for organising your business so you don’t have to keep reinventing the wheel every time something repeatable happens in your business. This will also set you up for successful team building.
  • The Mindset Mastery Method - All my best techniques for getting out of your own way and ditching doubt so you can show up as the women who #livesBIG

Each masterclass comes with accompanying resources and tutorials to help you action what you learn from the experts and all recordings are available in the Members Vault.

And in case we haven’t met yet… hey, I’m Jo!

 I help entrepreneurs #livebig (that means build a profitable lifestyle business!) doing work that lights them up while living life on their own terms

HCBC 2019--2 (2)

I see potential everywhere.  Every time I talk to a business owner, I get excited because I see what’s possible for you.

And that’s because I’ve been there.  After 7 years in business, I’ve learned what you need, and what you don’t.  I want to give you the shortcut.  

See, I’m juuuuust far enough ahead of you to know what it’s like in the trenches, unlike the ‘big guys’ who don’t remember what it’s like to flip back and forth between email, Facebook, and Insta hoping a client request comes sliding into the inbox.

You’re better than that.  Bigger than that. And I wanna get you there.

Let’s talk!

Let’s jump on a call and see if the Live Big Lab is the perfect fit for you.

Maybe you’re wondering “is this for me?” or "I don't have time"

I get it. 

First up this isn't 'another program', it's a way of life.

Most people worry that they won’t have time for this.

If this is your concern - this is exactly why you should join us.

See, I’ll show you how to compress everything you’re doing now into just a FRACTION of the time.  

What would your business - and your life - be like if you were doubling your income (or more!) without working late, weekends, feeling burned out, having a never-ending to-do list?

How would it FEEL to spend more time working with clients you’re so excited to work with, you jump on Zoom early justincase they log in a few minutes ahead of time?

To travel… to spend more time with your kiddos… whatever is on your vision board, I want to help make that happen.

The biggest risk you have is not joining and waking up in 90 days time in the exact same place you’re in now. 


From full time employment to running my own business (on my terms)

Lisa Jagger

"The energy created whilst working with Jo is immense. Yes, I still had to do the work, but I now have direction, discipline and strategy to support my ambition.

I've gone from full-time employment, building my business on the side, to working full time in my business and making a big impact"

Lisa Jagger

I made back the money I invested easily

Kellie Reynolds

“It's been truly amazing with so many realisations about myself and my business and where I want to take it.

I couldn’t have predicted where I’ve ended up at the start! I have so much more confidence and control over my mindset and I’m finally charging what I’m worth thanks to Jo and the support of the group.

I made back the money I invested easily through booking the first client on my new Mentoring Programme and charging what it’s really worth rather than what I would have charged if I’d developed this in isolation.

I've got clarity on where I need to focus my attention to have the most impact, enjoyment and revenue. It's been brilliant!"

Kellie Reynolds

Your entire business (and life) can change in 90 days

If you’re ready to create more “pinch me!” days and a client-focused business you love, you’re ready to Live Big!

Here’s all you get in The Lab...

Personalized Game Plan so you have the clear 90-day plan to reach your goal

[Value: $500 ]

Speed Dial Support so you get the answers you need to keep moving

[Value: $1500]

Private community with likeminded women who ‘get it’ and support you

[Value: $750]

Mini Masterminds to bounce ideas off of and get honest feedback

[Value: $1500]

Accountability to keep you focused and moving forward toward your goals

[Value: $2500 ]

Laser Coaching Calls which answer your big Qs and give you fresh ideas

[Value: $2000 ]

Success Sprints drive your biz forward

[Value: $500 ]

Live Workshop Map out each week with totally doable steps

[Value: $750]

Get It Done Sessions knock off everything on your to-do list

[Value: $500 ]

Systems & processes which set up a business you can walk away from

[Value: $1000 ]

That’s over $11,500 in value for just $1997!

Payment Plans Available



Get more done in a week than you have in the last month.


Get more done in a week than you have in the last month.